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Grant Proposals: What to do if your proposal is rejected

Grant proposal writing is the “Go big or go home” of the fundraising world. When successful it can regenerate entire organisations and communities. When it goes wrong you have potential lost hundreds of hours of work and investment with very little to show for it. The inherent risk of grant applications, especially in an increasingly […]


Crowdfunding Opens Doors for Grassroots NGOS

Indiegogo, one of the world’s leading crowdfunding platforms, has introduced new features that will enable NGOs to leverage the power of the website for the first time. The site has already raised tens of millions of dollars for campaigns around the world, but up until now the Indiegogo has only offered services in the English […]

Good Governance

How to Raise Money for an Individual or Family in Need

We often receive requests at FundsforNGOs to support individuals, families or groups who are in need. It is a common problem around the world that cannot be solved by forming an organisation and applying for foreign grants. In these situations are more urgent and local solution needs to be found. People and families can fall […]

NGO as social enterprise

NGO Management: Should your charity be a social enterprise?

The most common problem for charities and NGOs in every country in the world is suitable access to funding to support their work. Most organisations draw financial support from wherever they can reach. This is likely to include donations from individuals, community groups, businesses and grants. Often there simply isn’t enough donations to go around […]

Good Governance

How to write a Grant Proposal for Promotion of Democracy and Good Governance

If you planning to develop a project or thinking of applying for a funding opportunity for the promotion of democracy and good governance, then here is a guide on how to write a grant proposal for a project aiming for the promotion of democracy and good governance. The guide gives a basic understanding of how […]