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NGO of the Month: One Acre Fund

Welcome to the August edition of our NGO of the Month feature. We’re determined to share with you some of the leading NGOs around the world to inspire and encourage you to create a better world. Last month we featured Landesa, an organization dedicated to securing land rights for the world’s poorest people. Read our interview […]

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Top Ten Grantmaking Donors for NGOs in Kenya

According to Global Humanitarian Assistance, Kenya received $537 million in official humanitarian assistance in 2011, making it the world’s eighth largest recipient of aid. NGOs received over  $95 million in 2011 to be used on development projects throughout the country. 1. AGRA In this East African nation of 37 million people, agriculture employs 75 percent […]

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Where can NGOs get Donations of Books, Computers and Vehicles

NGOs give high priority to financial assistance for which they need to conceptualize projects, write proposals, contact donors and follow-up for assured funding. While working on these time-consuming processes, NGOs fail to realize the importance of non-financial resources which are more easily available than direct grants. In fact, like grant-making agencies, there are also international […]


Grant Proposals: What to do if your proposal is rejected

Grant proposal writing is the “Go big or go home” of the fundraising world. When successful it can regenerate entire organisations and communities. When it goes wrong you have potential lost hundreds of hours of work and investment with very little to show for it. The inherent risk of grant applications, especially in an increasingly […]


Corporate Outreach and Relationship Building

Ingrid Embree, GlobalGiving’s Director of Strategic Partnerships joined us for the seventh session of the Online Fundraising Academy to discuss how she identifies and builds relationships with prospective corporate partners. Ingrid has helped more than 60 different companies achieve their philanthropic objectives with GlobalGiving. She has a history of helping organizations meet their operational objectives, develop fundraising […]