Social Media: Using Facebook and More to Sell Your Mission

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Cutting-Edge Campaigns: UN Women

Welcome to the second in our new series of articles showcasing the very best of non-profit and development campaigns from around the world. Last week we shared with you the powerful billboard campaign from Breast Cancer Care in the UK that captured women’s bodies post cancer treatment. This week we bring to you a shocking […]

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The Best Proposal Writing Techniques for NGOs

A successful application depends on the design of a sound project, which addresses social, political, and economic issues of a community. In order to get funded, it is important to spell out your needs, plans, and evaluation strategies in a way that allows the potential donor to understand the importance of your project and become […]


Fundraising from US Foundations – A Short Guide

Introduction receives many inquiries about US foundation donors: specifically, where to find them and how to apply. This short guide will guide you in successfully applying for US foundation funding – it provides basic tips and provides links to resources that will help give direction to your efforts. The US Foundation Landscape The nearly […]

Convice Your Donor

What is Project Justification in Grant Proposals?

The project justification is one of the most crucial parts of a proposal. You can use it to convince the potential donor that your project is of ultimate importance for your community and elucidate the ways in which, by developing this project, you will consistently achieve your set goals (social, economic improvement or the resolution […]


Microsoft Software Grants: Empowering Youth to Change Their World

Microsoft believes that the world stands at a crossroads. While there are more young people on the planet than ever before, youth unemployment is double that of the adult population. Countries are struggling to develop modern workforces due to the growing gap between the skills of unemployed workers and the skills needed to perform the […]