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How Can NGOs Meet the Challenges of Ethical Spending?

Worldwide humanitarian aid contributions in 2013 were at their highest level for five years, putting the sector’s aims and practices under the spotlight. According to analysts Global Humanitarian Assistance, donations from government and private bodies totalled $22bn (about £13bn) – up nearly a third on the previous year. With such large amounts of money involved, […]


Fundraising from US Foundations – A Short Guide

Introduction receives many inquiries about US foundation donors: specifically, where to find them and how to apply. This short guide will guide you in successfully applying for US foundation funding – it provides basic tips and provides links to resources that will help give direction to your efforts. The US Foundation Landscape The nearly […]

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Boeing Grants

Boeing’s competitive grant-making process looks first at a project’s or program’s expected outcomes, and next for demonstrations of what they believe are the hallmarks of good community investments. Overall, grant requests throughout the enterprise are evaluated on: Alignment with one or more of Bosing’s five focus areas and corresponding objectives Alignment with company values and core competencies Clearly defined […]

How to establish an NGO

NGO Management: How to Establish an NGO (Part Two)

Welcome to part two of FundsforNGOs guide to establishing an NGO. People all around the world dream of setting up organisation’s that can change lives and make a positive impact on their communities. Thousands of NGOs are started every year with the best intentions and hopes creating lasting change, but most will fail within the […]

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How to write Letter of Inquiry for Seeking Grants

‘Letter of Inquiry’ or LOI can be your first contact with a donor agency for raising funds for your NGO. It can be more relevant than a full proposal because if the Letter of Inquiry is found to be poorly written, no grantmaking organization will be interested to know anything about your NGO or your […]

Convice Your Donor

What is Project Justification in Grant Proposals?

The project justification is one of the most crucial parts of a proposal. You can use it to convince the potential donor that your project is of ultimate importance for your community and elucidate the ways in which, by developing this project, you will consistently achieve your set goals (social, economic improvement or the resolution […]

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