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job in ngos

NGO Careers: How to get a job in an NGO

Working in development is an attractive option for people around the world. The sector has grown significantly over the past two decades as organisations have become larger, more sophisticated and increasingly professionalised. Working for an NGO provides an opportunity to make a difference, support others in need and create positive change in communities the world […]


NGO of the Month: Landesa

Welcome to the latest edition of our NGO of the Month feature. We’re showcasing the very best NGOs from around the world to inspire and encourage you to create a better world. Last month we featured APOPO, a social enterprise based in Tanzania that trains rats to save lives. Read the interview here. This month […]

Networking for NGOs

Why Networking with Donor Agencies is important?

There was a time when nonprofit organizations, or NGOs, did their work at an arm’s length from donors. Today, NGOs cultivate relationships with current and potential donors – those who support an NGO’s work through public or private foundations. Why network with donor agencies? There are several important reasons to reach out to agencies and […]

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How to summarize a Full Proposal into a Short Concept Note

The submission of concept notes is increasingly becoming the first step in the application for funding to the main agencies and private donors. This is how your potential donor will make the first selection among a large group of project proposals to assess their potential. Accordingly, concept notes could be solicited directly by the donor, […]

connect with grantmakers

How to connect with grantmakers for greater impact

There are thousands of articles, books and guides written about the art of grant fundraising, yet they all share one piece of advice in common. Contact your grantmaker before applying. Most every guide I have ever read and interview I’ve listened to has advocated for the same thing. The exact reasons why  you should do […]