Human Rights Project Proposal: How to develop Strategies and Activities

Project proposals are required to outline the process for achieving the objectives. The process of implementation has to be explained in form of strategies and activities. Strategies are broad concepts that contribute towards the project goal and objectives. They are ideas like capacity-building, research, advocacy etc.

Activities are actions under fall under each of the strategies. For example, the A strategy like capacity-building can have the following activities listed down under it:

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  • Training workshops
  • Exposure visits
  • Conferences

In the same case, research can include activities such as baseline study, data collection, interviews etc. In a strategy like advocacy, activities can include meetings with policymakers.

In a human rights project, you carry out activities rallies and street shows to bring about mass-level awareness within the community. In this context, ‘creating awareness’ is the strategy.

Many proposal formats seek in-depth information about various strategies and activities. If you outline broad strategies and list down the activities in each one of them, then it becomes quite clear as to what you wish to achieve from your project.

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