Human Rights Project Proposal: Performance Indicators

All project proposals are required to come up with a set of performance indicators. This is necessary as part of monitoring the success of the project. All donor agencies prefer to receive in advance a list of those indicators that can quickly help them measure the progress of the project throughout is project period. The performance indicators also help you understand whether you are moving in the right direction or not and develop project reports later. So it is better to gather them earlier.

You can break down the performance indicators in two parts:

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  • Progress Indicators
  • Results Indicators

Progress indicators basically try to measure the progress of each activity of your project. For example, if one of the project activities has been organizing a training workshop on human rights, then the number of women and men participating in it is an indicator for organizing the workshop. Some proposal formats seek specific information about each activity and its indicators. Progress indicators can be helpful here.

Results indicators measure the success of the result of an activity. Such an indicator usually comes up after the activity has been organized. From the same example above, the number of women who have gained an understanding of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 is a results indicator because it signifies the indicator of a result achieved from this activity.

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