Human Rights Project Proposal: Project Results

When projects are implemented, they can give out many different results, but these results have to be categorized appropriately. In a human rights project proposal, you can divide the results into three categories:

  • Project Outputs
  • Project Outcomes
  • Project Impact

Project outputs are immediate results that are thrown up by various project activities. For example, your human rights project has an activity to present the poor conditions of the affected minorities to a team of lawmakers in a meeting or gathering. If this gathering is a success, it means that the lawmakers have realized the situation of the minorities and offer to look into the matter – this is an output, an immediate result your project has achieved.

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Project outcomes come after a period of time. They are not immediate like outputs but still they fall in between outputs and impact. In the same example above, if the lawmakers agree to establish policies to benefit minorities, then it is an important outcome of your project.

Project impact is the final result of the project. This achievement comes up only after a long period of time, it is still an impact. If the minorities are receiving schooling and employment from the policies made by the government, then this is the impact your project has created.

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