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Fundraising Evaluation and Analysis

Fundraising Analysis WHO should be using data to drive fundraising strategy? If your organization has limited resources and if your organization is working for an important cause (which should be everyone!), you should be looking at data. With limited resources, you need to use resources as efficiently as possible.  If working for important cause, data can […]


Fundraising Essentials: Recruiting Volunteers to Raise Funds

Volunteers around the world contributes to tens of millions of man hours every year, helping organisations to do more than would otherwise be possible. This investment is worth billions of pounds of labour costs with many volunteers providing strong skill-sets and long hours that drive NGOs forward. However, volunteers are often viewed as a cost […]

Embassy Funding for NGOs

Top Foreign Embassies that provide Funding for NGOs

When evaluating funding opportunities for your NGO, make sure to assess whether foreign embassies have developed tailored programmes to support and strengthen civil society in your country. Embassies play a vital role in the co-ordination of bilateral and multilateral development efforts. Certain Embassies organise and directly implement a donor’s country bilateral aid (such as the […]

dollar egg

Fundraising Essentials: Outcome Funding

Grantmaking over the past thirty years has changed dramatically. From the early days of small trusts and foundations supporting local organisations to today where giant multilaterals like the World Bank making strategic investments in every corner of the world. The rise of corporate foundations as the new dominant force continues to keep the sector in […]


African Development Foundation: Fostering hope, growth and goodwill in Africa introduces the latest in its “Get to know a Funder” series with a guide to the largest United States Government donor to Africa. The United States African Development Foundation (ADF) is an Independent United States Government Agency which provides grants of up to $250,000 to community groups and small enterprises. Funds are provided to organisations that demonstrate innovative […]