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Cutting-Edge Campaigns: UN Women

Welcome to the second in our new series of articles showcasing the very best of non-profit and development campaigns from around the world. Last week we shared with you the powerful billboard campaign from Breast Cancer Care in the UK that captured women’s bodies post cancer treatment. This week we bring to you a shocking […]

NGO as social enterprise

Proposal Writing Guidebook for Grassroots-based NGOs/CBOs/CSOs

Characteristics of successful proposal writing A good proposal must convince the donor/funding agencies about the following aspects of the project going to be proposed by the organization: – The issue going to be addressed matches with the objectives/target area of the donor agency. – The problem going to be addressed is of significant magnitude in […]


Crowdfunding Opens Doors for Grassroots NGOS

Indiegogo, one of the world’s leading crowdfunding platforms, has introduced new features that will enable NGOs to leverage the power of the website for the first time. The site has already raised tens of millions of dollars for campaigns around the world, but up until now the Indiegogo has only offered services in the English […]

Smart Objectives

‘Understanding SMART Objectives’ – for Your Project Proposals

Every time we site down to write project proposals, we come across the word “SMART” while developing project objectives. All donors insist that whatever objectives we develop, they have to be SMART. What does it really mean to have SMART objectives? Learn more from this short guide. SMART objectives are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and […]

Embassy Funding for NGOs

Foreign Embassies that may have Grant Programs for NGOs

Foreign embassies are offices of diplomatic missions set up by foreign countries to carry out various interactions with the host country. These interactions can include handling visa, negotiating with the government, protecting their own trade interests and others. Out of these embassies, there are diplomatic missions that have an additional job of providing aid to […]

children foundations

Three Grantmaking Foundations that Fund Children’s Projects Around the World

This guide provides information on three of the leading donors to children’s projects around the world. If you’re an NGO looking for new funding to support young people in your country, this guide is for you. We’ll discuss some of the some of the biggest donors in the field and how your organisation can apply […]

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