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Contact Information of Donor Agencies

How to get Contact Information of Donor Agencies?

The development of a successful strategy to make contact with potential donors is vital in the process of securing funding for your NGO. First of all, you will have to compile lists of funding bodies that are most likely to become interested in your NGO’s activities; its aims, goals, and strategies. In order to do […]


A list of 10 Open Opportunities for Youth Development

We have listed 10 open funding opportunities for organizations of youth, organizations for youth and for the young individuals. From UNAOC to the European Youth Award to World Bank’s Youth Professional Program and many other opportunities are listed here. Submit Original and Creative videos for PLURAL+ Video Festival Deadline: 27 June 2014 The United Nations […]

children (2)

A list of 20 Foundations Supporting Projects on Children

Millions of children around the world are born into a stark reality: will they work in markets and mines, or go to school? Will they be trafficked into slavery, or be free? Will they be child soldiers, or students? Many children grow up in a daily life marked by violence; the images of war, abuse, […]

making the ask

Fundraising Essentials: Making the ask

Making the ask, the art of actually inviting a potential donor to support your cause, is one of the most fundamental skills a fundraiser needs to develop. It is a technique that for some people will take some practice but can make a crucial difference between securing life changing funds for your organisation and going […]

climate change

Funding for Climate Change and Environment: A Resource Guide

Introduction to Climate Change, Environment and its Funding Possibilities Global climate change (also known as global warming) is an urgent and complex issue that has—in the last decade—become one of the most prominent concerns for both public and private institutions.  Feeling the need to address this critical concern, governments, private entities and multilateral organizations have […]