Social Media: Using Facebook and More to Sell Your Mission

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NGO of the Month: Akshaya Patra

Welcome to the latest edition of fundsforNGOs NGO of the Month feature. Each month we share with you one of the leading NGOs in the world to inspire your organization to help create a better world. In September we featured South Africa based Grassroot Soccer, an NGO that uses the power of soccer to educate, […]

NGO Accounts Finance

How to manage Accounts & Finances in NGOs – A Manual for developing NGO Financial Management Policy

According to the local laws and regulations of most countries, all registered NGOs are required to maintain a system for recording and submitting all types of financial transactions made by them for the purposes of implementing projects and running their organization. Since finances are a crucial part of organizational management, it is always a better […]

Embassy Funding for NGOs

Top Foreign Embassies that provide Funding for NGOs

When evaluating funding opportunities for your NGO, make sure to assess whether foreign embassies have developed tailored programmes to support and strengthen civil society in your country. Embassies play a vital role in the co-ordination of bilateral and multilateral development efforts. Certain Embassies organise and directly implement a donor’s country bilateral aid (such as the […]


Top Ten Tips for Grant Fundraising Success

Grant fundraising can be challenging and demands a great deal of investment to get right. But it can also change the shape of your organisation and community forever. To help you hit the grant jackpot we present to you our Top Ten Tips for Grant Fundraising success… 1. Get to know your funder: Every grant […]

Social Networking for NGOs

How to socially network with Donor Agencies (Connecting with donors through Twitter/Facebook etc)

To build a strong network for your NGO is essential. Think about the world as the territory in which you move and, accordingly, find a strategy to get connected to this territory. Take advantage of the possibilities to become visible globally by using the Internet. It is essential that your NGO has a website that […]