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How to establish an NGO

Possibilities of Funding for New NGOs

Fundraising for a young NGO presents several challenges you should be aware of in order to move your first steps towards a future of success. First of all, you have to understand that without a track record of projects successfully implemented and budget correctly administered, it is difficult to gain trust of international agencies and […]


Top Ten Grantmaking Donors that Support Children’s Projects

We’ve selected ten of the world’s best grantmaking donors that support children’s projects around the world. All of the organisations featured offer financial support for NGOs that provide development projects for children as well as cross-cutting issues related to children. For each donor we have included a brief description of the organisation, its geographical coverage, […]

Good Governance

Some Tips on Financial Planning and Budget Management for NGOs

The golden rule for financial planning and budgeting is to approach it as a strategic process. First of all, it is important to understand that the future of your NGO and its capacity to affect the life of your community depends on your abilities to secure funding in order to develop projects. Bear in mind […]

making the ask

Fundraising Essentials: Making the ask

Making the ask, the art of actually inviting a potential donor to support your cause, is one of the most fundamental skills a fundraiser needs to develop. It is a technique that for some people will take some practice but can make a crucial difference between securing life changing funds for your organisation and going […]

Kenya map

Top Ten Grantmaking Donors for NGOs in Kenya

According to Global Humanitarian Assistance, Kenya received $537 million in official humanitarian assistance in 2011, making it the world’s eighth largest recipient of aid. NGOs received over  $95 million in 2011 to be used on development projects throughout the country. 1. AGRA In this East African nation of 37 million people, agriculture employs 75 percent […]