Grant Proposals: What to do if your proposal is rejected

Grant proposal writing is the “Go big or go home” of the fundraising world. When successful it can regenerate entire organisations and communities. When it goes wrong you have potential lost hundreds of hours of work and investment with very little to show for it. The inherent risk of grant applications, especially in an increasingly […]

case support

Fundraising Essentials: Making an Effective Case for Support

Creating a powerful, emotive and thought provoking case for support is an area where a good number of otherwise excellent grant funding applications fall down. Producing a clear, well structured and memorable case for support is difficult in that it requires a combination of creative and formal writing styles that is challenging to get right. […]

Embassy Funding for NGOs

Top Foreign Embassies that provide Funding for NGOs

When evaluating funding opportunities for your NGO, make sure to assess whether foreign embassies have developed tailored programmes to support and strengthen civil society in your country. Embassies play a vital role in the co-ordination of bilateral and multilateral development efforts. Certain Embassies organise and directly implement a donor’s country bilateral aid (such as the […]

Women Empowerment

A list of 20 Foundations Supporting Women Empowerment Projects

360,000 Women die during pregnancy and childbirth; 14 million adolescent girls become mothers every year. Women represent nearly two thirds of the world’s illiterate, 31 million girls are still out of school around the world, The completion rates and learning levels of girls are lower than those of boys, Participation of girls in school decreases […]


Create a Brilliant Online Newspaper for your NGO with Paper.li

Getting information about your cause or organisation to your audience has simultaneously never been easier and harder! As difficult as that is to comprehend, take a moment to consider the online world. We have access to all of the worlds information at our fingertips and tens of thousands of wonderful, life changing organisations keen to […]


Top Ten Corporate Fundraising Tips

Robin Toal shares his top ten corporate fundraising tips, having raised funds and managed projects with international partners including HSBC, Microsoft and Google. Know your facts: The majority of CSR and corporate giving projects are overseen by professionals keen to achieve the best return on investment they can for their money. Whether it is the […]

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