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A List of 50 Foundations giving grants to NGOs for Children and Youth Projects

Organizations around the globe working for Children and Youth are supported by various donors to accomplish their goals. All local, regional, and international organizations in the field of children and youth are  encouraged to go through the list of 50 private foundations and trusts from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, […]

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Download a Free Guide to the Top Ten Donors for Women

Do you want to discover the leading donors to women’s projects around the world? This exclusive guide produced by fundsforNGOs Premium will introduce you to the ten biggest contributors to development projects for women today. fundsforNGOs Premium will help you to raise more funds, discover funding opportunities and attract new donors. With these big savings there has […]

From NGO to social business: Why and how

Leaders of development and aid organizations talk a lot about changing donor models, value for money, operational efficiency, new technology and changing business models. And many believe that being aware of them mitigates the need for serious changes. It doesn’t. The international development and aid sector is undergoing major changes and many organizations need to […]

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Grantmaking Foundations that fund Women and Gender Issues around the world

This Guide provides relevant information about 14 most important funds for women organisations and/or for projects seeking to improve gender equality. It is important to consider that all the development agencies and governmental funding schemes are now designing their campaigns, and budgeting their resources, in relation to the global effort to achieve the Millennium Development […]

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Fundraising Resources for Women and Girls Worldwide

This resource guide seeks to provide an overview of resources, guides, and sources of funding for organizations working with women and girls. Reports Untapped Potential: European Foundation Funding for Women and Girls A 2010 survey report that summarizes European foundation granting to programs intended to benefit women and girls…[more] Accelerating Change for Women and Girls: […]


Fundraising Essentials: Grant Fundraising Strategy Checklist

For some reason, the word fundraising strategy often strikes fear in to many a fundraiser. Could it be that in a world of ever stricter targets and more competition that distilling all those different targets into one document is just plain intimidating? Whatever the reason, it is time to throw the fear out of the […]

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