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M.Sc. in International Humanitarian Affairs Course application open

Deadline for completed applications is 12th October, 2012

Applications are invited for new MSc in International Humanitarian Affairs.Scholarships are available for The Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit its new MSc in International Humanitarian Affairs and Humanitarian Policy Group at the Overseas Development Institute.

The MIHA is unique as an interdisciplinary that is delivered exclusively online. It

  • To develop  how they understand and respond needs  in complex operational contexts such as violent conflict, natural hazards and political crises
  • To reflect critically upon contemporary issues, challenges and dilemmas using the strategic perspective of ‘international politics’ as well as the technical approaches of the main humanitarian sectors
  •  To gain advanced research skills, demonstrate how to evidence-based policy, and learn how to practice.

The MIHA has been designed by an international group of scholars and policy experts and specialists in distance learning. The candidate will be taught by a dedicated team of academic staff from the PRDU, at the Department of Politics. The candidate will also have direct access to leading humanitarian policy experts at HPGODI. New MSc in International Humanitarian Affairs scholarships available

As a MIHA student, the candidate will already have experience in humanitarian policy, practice and/or research, or may want to use this innovative programme to begin a career in this rapidly growing field and industry. This MIHA programme strives to meet the diverse educational and professional needs of its students.

Therefore, the candidate will be able to complete this programme remaining in full-time employment. You also have the choice of 3 postgraduate qualifications: Post-graduate Certificate (Year 1), Diploma (Year 2) Years 1 and 2, you will specialize in the four core shelter, law, and education – in addition to modules in ‘international politics’ and based policy’. In the third year, the candidate can design dependent project and complete a 15,000 word dissertation academic faculty and policy experts.

For further information, visit the link.

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  1. Am interested and would wish to get more details as soon as possible.

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