Zayed Future Energy Prize 2015 for Large Corporations, NGOs, SMEs and Individuals around the World

Deadline: 22 June 2015

The Zayed Future Energy Prize is currently open for applications or nominations! The Prize, worth $4 million, is the world’s largest annual prize in renewable energy and sustainability. The aim of this Prize is to inspire new generations of energy innovators. Different categories are awarded special prizes to celebrate the achievements of governments, corporations, NGOs, individuals and institutions.

The prizes are intended to inspire future generations across the globe. These prizes are not given – as the previous ones – to celebrate an achievement of the candidate. Rather, these prizes are given to implement a new project. Applicants can include a project proposal in their online application form.

Prize Categories

There are 5 main awards given:

  1. Large Corporation: This category is open to corporations with revenues exceeding $100 million per year. Eligible candidates are those that have made a significant contribution to renewable energy and sustainability through investments, the proposal of new business models, or the introduction of new products in the global market. Large Corporations receive a Recognition Awards, but no monetary award.
  2. Small and Medium Enterprises (SME): This category is open to companies whose annual revenue is less that $100 million. Eligible candidates are those that have developed or facilitated the development of innovates technologies, which have been successfully adopted by other business ventures. The winner is awarded with $1 million and 500,000.
  3. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs): NGOs working in the field of renewable energy are also invited to apply. Eligible candidates are those that have had a clear technical, organisational or social impact in the world of renewable energy. For instance, candidates might have helped the dissemination of certain practices, they might have raised awareness about renewable energy in their country, they might have successfully negotiated new relevant policies with the local government, or they might have further developed technical knowledge. Candidates must clarify how their leadership qualities inspire and guide their long-term commitment to renewable energy and sustainability.
  4. Life Achievement: This award is given to an individual whose contribution to renewable energy and sustainability is outstanding. The winner is awarded with $500,000.
  5. Global High School: 5 winners are nominated for this category; Global High Schools (1 award for each of the below regions)
    • America
    • Europe
    • Africa
    • Oceania
    • Asia


The fund allocation per category is as follows-

  • Large Corporation: No monetary value (Recognition Award)
  • SME: US$ 1,500,000
  • NGO: US$ 1,500,000
  • Lifetime Achievement for an Individual: US $500,000
  • Global High School (International): US $500,000 (Divided amongst 5 Global High Schools in 5 different regions, awarding each up to US$ 100,000)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Any company/individual/high school can resubmit every year for the Prize.
  • The Zayed Future Energy Prize will not be given to-
    • board members and employees of Masdar
    • anyone who has been involved in organising, promoting or judging the Prize.

Application Process

  • Candidates can either apply for the Large Corporation, SME, Non-Profit Organization (NPO/NGO) or Global High School category, or nominate a candidate for the Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • For Submissions, register as a candidate and proceed to login in order to begin filling out the application form.
  • For Nominations, simply fill out the nomination form.

For more information about these awards, please visit Zayed Awards Call for Applications.