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Possibilities of Funding for New NGOs

Fundraising for a young NGO presents several challenges you should be aware of in order to move your first steps towards a future of success.

First of all, you have to understand that without a track record of projects successfully implemented and budget correctly administered, it is difficult to gain trust of international agencies and to secure large funding for projects. Rather than feeling frustrated, you should consider this time as a very exciting period because you are yet to demonstrate what you can do and, as such, you should employ all your creative resources to become visible and build your profile as a reliable and strong partner.


First of all, make yourself known. Locate other NGOs working in the territory with similar aims and goals. Ask to meet relevant NGO members to present yourself and the organisation. Come to meetings prepared. Work on a presentation that is able to explain the reasons why your NGO was born and propose ideas for projects you want to implement. Ask for advice. Remember that other members of civil society are your partners and not competitors. As such, allow them to give feedback on your ideas and ask them to help you in developing strategies to ensure financial sustainability.

For instance, you could ask for copies of projects they have already implemented to understand how to write a project proposal and to have an idea of budget requirements. Go to community meetings and to public discussions to introduce the organisation. What is at stake is your credibility. It is important to show commitment, to make informed remarks, and also to demonstrate willingness to participate in ongoing projects and activities.

Second, use the information you are collecting while introducing the organisation. Keep a list with contact details of relevant associations or individuals who might be of help. Research their background and ask information about their current activities. Create possibilities for your organisation to join in existing projects and become a partner. You have to be extremely proactive. As such, you could either ask to collaborate on existing projects to learn from the others and acquire some experience or you could propose new collaborative projects involving people and organisations you came to know.

If you are about to propose new projects, make sure to get the help of senior partners to draft proposals and the budget. If you work with NGOs with a strong profile, it will be easier for the project to get funded. These collaborations will be vital for your future projects. On the one hand, you will gain first had experience. On the other hand, your organisation will start building up its public profile and it will gain more credibility in the eyes of future donors.

Third, get networked. There are many existing networks sponsored by international agencies and local governments to facilitate exchanges and communication among civil society actors. Make a list of networks relevant for your organisation and ask to become a member. It is likely that these networks will disseminate calls for proposals and collaborations, which is very helpful when you are still learning where and how to ask for funding.

Fourth, remember that all major agencies such as the UN have special calls for young NGOs. These calls are meant to facilitate the starting-up of new projects and to support new actors. Despite the fact that the competition is fierce, you should nevertheless pitch your ideas and remember “fortune favours the brave!”

FundsforNGOs Premium


  1. Selata Nkwane says:

    The Southern African Indigent Communities’ Development Initiative (SAICODI) is based on the premise that: If you give a person a fish, you feed him/her but once; If you Teach a person how to catch a fish, you feed him/her for life…….
    We shall offer various workshops and capacity building programmes that will help the affected Communities to develop skills and knowledge that is vital for survival and to live a better life.
    Short term(1-3 years): provide within Gauteng Province
    Medium Term(3-5 Years): Provide the entire Republic of South Africa
    Long term(Over 5 years): Provide SADEC Region
    The programmes shall include but not limited to:
    i. Street Law
    • To impart knowledge about democracy, Elections and political parties
    • To teach communities about their constitutional rights and obligations
    • To teach communities about what constitutes Crime and unlawful behaviour
    • To inculcate the spirit of ubuntu and moral regeneration
    • To teach communities about family law, consumer law etc.
    • To inform communities about how and where to access social services and grants offered by the state
    • To offer support and legal intervention and counselling to the affected communities
    • To offer Debt Counselling clinic to the affected communities

    ii. Drug abuse and rehabilitation
    • To identify drug addiction and delinquencies amongst the youth
    • To provide intervention programmes that will help to rehabilitate the affected groups
    • To identify and offer post rehabilitation and after-care programs that will ensure that the affected youth do not return back to drug abuse tendencies

    iii. Skills Development Programme
    • Identify skills development programmes that will help the rehabilitated juveniles to work with their hands
    • Identify skills development programmes for people who do not have higher Education but can work with their hands

    iv. Adult Basic Education
    • Provide Numeracy and literacy skills
    • To help the people who failed Matric to rewrite their examinations
    • To help Learners with special needs to cope and integrate into the circular education system
    • To offer extra lessons for matriculants in Maths, Science and Accounting

  2. Spectra organinsation says:

    Dear sir,
    Spectra is registered organization in Rajasthan, india. we are working in rural area i.e overall development – Health , Education , Water and sanitation , Livelihood etc.
    so pls associate us with your funding pat terns for rural development.

  3. Ashish K Bardhan says:

    Re: Request for joint venture for the Tribal people in vulnerable situations.
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    We take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as a development agency (NGO), whose aim is to fight poverty and injustice. Since 2002, we are trying to work with the poor and marginalized tribal people of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa of India, almost without any fund. We are working with local communities to address collectively the people’s movements, poverty, inequity and injustice.
    We are reaching out with the target groups, through SHGs (Self-Help Groups) of which, mostly are poor and marginalized, belong to tribal communities, supporting them in their struggle to access their rights to food, shelter, work, education, healthcare and human security and helping them have their voice in the development decisions affecting their lives and livelihood.
    The people we work with include the dalit and tribal people, other sections of the rural poor, women, children, and minorities. Within these groups, our focus is on people in vulnerable situations such as people living with chronic hunger, ill health, migrant and bonded workers, children out of education, homeless people, trafficked persons, persons with disability, displaced people and refugees, and people affected by natural and human-made disasters.
    As we are working with the Tribal and other backward communities at the Purulia, Balasore and East Singhbhum districts, under the State of West Bengal, Orissa & Jharkhand respectively, that are why, we would like to propose the welfare program for the children and the women of Tribal and other backward communities for said areas. Both the areas are hilly and forest with tribal dominated.

    We look forward to hear from your end.

    Thank you,

    Ashish K Bardhan
    Member Secretary, SPREAD

    • Sylivia. Kyomuhendo says:

      Thanks Ashish,
      I’ve found these tips highly useful and informative especially that am busy with my colleagues battling hard to market our new initiative. is it also workable that we can send organizational profiles to Funders and other CSO’s while introducing our selves as anew organization? what other creativity can we put in’ in order to gain visibility within a short period?i am grateful for this information, good times
      yours Sylivia. Kyomuhendo

      • Ashish K Bardhan says:

        Dear Sylivia,
        Really we are very much thankful for your response and of course thanks to ‘”.

        We would like to send you our ORGANIZATION PROFILE for sending to Funders and other CSO”s, but where (your e-mail Id ?) to …..

        We can further talk to …. through or .

        Thank you once more.


  4. Ashish K Bardhan says:

    We are trying to protect rights of women and child, specially for the tribal areas, who are living in forest and hilly zone.

    We have a team of expert, comprising of sociologists, lawyer, and many others experienced people of their society and outside.

    We are to find out such Agencies who will be partner of our venture.

    Ashish K Bardhan
    Member Secretary, SPREAD/India

  5. anjali sharma says:

    i am from rasthiya gramin jan vikas yojna and we are working for widows and poor children ….. we are helping that person who are helpless and poor ….we need some help and donation for this organisation .pls contact us and join our organisation and serve the nation…..
    anjali sharma

  6. Asia International Fellowship says:

    Dear all Donor
    the fist of all I would like to respected ladies and g entailment who are donor please help to support AIF Cambodia, we volunteer group from Cambodia had agree established Aisa International Fellowship Organization for Charities Program (Together for Charities) in Cambodia which will be held
    Children in rural area, We selected Poor Child, Child got HIV/AIDS, Children Street, Child got domestic violence and Orphan Children to follow up them and help them in love of Jesus. So we would like to Call for all of donor please support this project to help Children in Cambodia,

    Dear Supporter and people inside and outside Please help support as Technical Spirit financial assistant as possible. Asia International Fellowship is a Christian organization that working with children in Community to transformed them in love of Christ with AIF Ministries Project. a bad fate cover on the Child in community during the year 1983 and a good fate since 1993 until now is Child transformation in Commune through local Christian ministries.

    This reason encourages Asia International Fellowship (AIF) working closely with Children in Community to restoration and provided a new hope according to the word of God in the bible
    at the first beginning of our project aim to help orphans, Children Street, Children poor no goal to get the true rosy future with knowledge and be able to feed their own living up and within this situation.

    We would like to make an appeal for all of you to support or Sponsor this project to help Children please pity all those Children with no support to get the destination of happiness only if those that support the financial assistant spirit instrument food and others.

    For Asia International Fellowship currently has also met difficulties like lacking of shelter for those children residing that just only rent month by month with no support from other lacking of clothes daily food for those children, study equipment, healthy, food for children and other else thus, please his and her.

    Excellences Ladies and Gentlemen national and international quests that interest for those no goal children please help and Support as possible. Asia International Fellowship faithfully that Ladies and gentlemen are really help and support this above mention with regard to have an outstanding day in the rosy future that we can afford and become autonomous.

    Thank you very much for interesting and supporting AIF-Cambodia.
    Phnom Penh Cambodia, May God Bless you!

    Executive Director


    • Rural Rescue Outreach Foundation says:

      Hello Sir.
      We have an organization working in rural community addressing thematic issues under minining like education ,Health women rights advocacy and food security among others ,measures of poverty alleviation we have all the ideas but lack substancial funds to make meaningful impact on the peopes lives and livelihood systems.

  7. Rashid Demo says:

    Hi, We have an organization working within Isiolo County Kenya among the pastoralist community addressing thematic issues under mininig like education ,Health women rights advocacy and food security among others we have all the ideas but lack substancial funds to make meaningful impact on the peopes lives and livelihood systems

  8. Mohammad Baig says:

    Great people do the great things.They ever consider collective good rather their own benefits.That is why they live for centuries in the books,minds and hearts.

  9. Sita Sharma says:

    Hello !
    I am Sita Sharma from Nepal . I am a founder and president of Empowering Nepal . it is a newly formed NGO established in 1013 with the vision of promoting young women and disabled and abandoned orphan children .we aim to work in women health, education, skill development and women empowerment . we also work in child right, education, nutrition and child education. .Please help us to know how can we get funds to uplift the social and economical condition of Nepalese women and children .

  10. SOSSOUGA DOSSE says:

    My NGO: ADET based in Togo worl for social development and sustainable development of Togo, Africa and worldwide, we are looking for organisation to partner with. Please can you assist us ?

  11. MARGARET JUMA says:

    FOUNDATION FOR YOUNG CHILD EDUCATION IN KENYA is a registered NGO in republic of kenya, wish to seek networking with interested partnership, hence vulnerable child can axcess Education ,health care ,to attain better life.

    • Ezeobodo Patrick Uche says:

      I am The General Coordinator of Foundation for the Restoration of the Girl-Child an NGO registered in Nigeria and having almost the same mission and vision with yours can we collaborate and exchange ideas it will be fantastic
      best regards

  12. J M KIHUNYU says:

    We leave in Nyandarua West district Nyandarua county in central Kenya. In the year 2008 we started Chamuka self help group which we registered with the department of social services with an objective of improving social economic status of our members through table banking and advancing small loans to the members to start income generating activities. So far we have 48 active members, 28 women and 20 men. We meet on monthly basis and encourage members to save at least sh. 200/= after which members are advanced either short time loan repayable after one month or long term loan repayable in 18 months.
    Since inception we have been able to advance to members loans worth sh. 700,000/= and have seen members lives improve throigh income generating activities which range from dairy farming to small shops and even chicken keeping.
    We intend to expand our activities and include advances repayable in 36 months in order to undertake bigger projects like acquisition of semi-permanent and permanent homes. We are looking for partiners who can assist us in increasing our revolving fund.

  13. Doors Of Hope says:


    We are a charity organisation In Malawi working with various poor communities in the northern part of the country, concentrating much in areas of water and sanitation and promotion of democracy at grassroot level, using decentralised structures. we are looking for organisation to partner with, may you please assist. we are there to give hope to the hopeless.

  14. Frank Doe says:

    Thanks for good work,
    pls I wanted to work for Organisation called reach for change currently in Ghana, looking for agent who will take care of children in our respective communities which involved several question for an answer, and deadline is on the 6th august of which i would want you to help me solve the questions so that i can be their agent to work and develop specialty with them pls.
    I have an NGO like that of Pastor Ben Kimbowa, Can you pls help me out.

  15. We are an NGO that is creating awareness on climate change and possible measures to mitigate it. we are currently having a tree garden projects to power our tree planting campaign for earth conservation. please we need donors; those who can provide tree seedlings or financial assistance to execute this project.

  16. Victor John says:

    It is wonderful to work with young generation. in them one can see once past and dream about the future. Though it is tough to work with the street children but it is wonder, bringing them from different backgrounds and moving them for their bright future.

  17. Muhammed Alee Mansur says:

    Dear All,
    To work for the humanity, for the society, Shah Abdul Aziz Foundation anchored to start its activities and to meet the vision, the foundation is interested to work as a partner to eliminate poverty from the society and always ready to fight for human right.
    Thanks All and please visit us at and also please advise to
    Muhammed Alee Mansur

    • Muhamed thanks for your information but how can we communicate with your foundations please can you give us your contacts or website .

      • Muhammed Alee Mansur says:

        as per rule of, they have erased our e-mail and web address… u can try to contact them to get our address

  18. Shalikram Chaudhari says:

    Dear Respected Sir/Madam Namaste

    I am Shalikram Chaudhari I am from Dang Nepal how can we submit this proposal we are lunching 15 vdc for cultural tharu program so give me proposial submit format thank you veru much .

    Your sincerly
    shalikram chaudhari

  19. we are new and indigenous organization/foundation established in 2011in uganda to provide support to HIV positive children, orphans, disadvantaged youths and HIV positive women by laying emphasis on education, health, nutrition, child rights,psychosocial care and economic empowerment. Please help us to know how can we get funds to help these vulnerable groups of people who have lost hope in this world to “Give them a second Chance” and restore hope!!!

  20. Pooja dwivedi says:

    I feel rich with all this information, We have a registered ngo and work in Himalaya’s in India. We work in the field of education, skill development, health and women empowerment. Please help us to know how can we get funds to help the people who suffered from the latest flash flood in Himalaya.

    • Richard Craig says:

      Can you tell me which flood are you referring to? Which Himalayan country are you working? Thanks -Richard.

  21. mujulizi Gilbert says:

    could we know how to access the funds offered by the UN for the young organizations like TERO;UGANDA (THE ELDERLY REHABILITATION ORGANIZATION)

    thanks for the wonderful advises, we have a new and registered NGO looking after the needy of the neediest elderly people in Uganda . we provide psychical social services to the aged people and the OVCs orphan and vulnerable children under their care.

    we look at having the community respect and appreciate the aged people in communities

    my kind regards

    Mujulizi Gilbert

  22. F Chigona says:

    We are Cooperative society working with small holder farmers through economic initiatives activities as one way of reducing poverty in Malawi.Looking for partners anywhere in the world.

  23. rajiv chatterjee says:

    May I know your location?we can work together…?

  24. sahel revival says:

    We are sahel revival a start up NGO founded to provide access to clean water while promoting sustainable agriculture. We are looking to build strategic partnerships with NGOs who share our values.

    • rajiv chatterjee says:

      we are from INDIA working for same issues…pesticide free agriculture…

    • Jamshed Tariq says:

      Greetings! I hope you are doing well. May I Know that in which country your org. belong to; or you can say that where currently your org. providing humanitarian services?


      • sahelrevival says:

        Than you Jamshed Tariq for your Interest, we currently are working in Mauritania but our home base is in USA, in Tennessee. visit our web sit sahelrevival dot org

  25. Joel A. Bernasor says:

    Gud am, I am Mr. Joel A. Bernasor, Technical Officer of the MVAVI, Inc. an NGO in Valencia City, Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines. Our program is focused on Consumer Protections, Enterprise Development both Micro- Enterprise and Small Skills Enterprise, Women Empowerment and Cooperative Development. Our NGO badly needed funds for the implementation of our various programs particularly in Technology Enterprise Transfer Programs to our beneficiaries and provisions of stimulus fund as part of their start up capital. Our NGO believes that one of the effective way in alleviating poverty is to capacitate target beneficiaries in the economic enterprise development which will lead to job creations or generations. It is a difficult program, however, we can cross the threshold with the help of external funds. We don’t have a choice either, this is our environment. This our address: MVAVI, Inc., Farmers Market, Poblacion, City of Valencia, Bukidnon, Philippines. Joel A. Bernasor, Technical Officer.

  26. mamaru gislaw says:

    Eoc-cfo poor Organization If you have chance to suport this org.please

  27. Virginia says:

    Please i have registered an NGO to work on empowerment of young mothers in Kenya economically and socially. Please help me get some donors to help me reach the unreached in the society.
    Will wait

    • Rui Oliveira says:

      Hi Virginia

      Go to Google Alerts from an “gmail” email and create an alert “calls for proposals”.
      After that you will be receiving information about funding opportunities.
      Rui Oliveira
      Un Online Volunteer

  28. Gibson I Munanga says:

    I am a newly posted principal to a school with hearing impaired children from very poor background in Kenya called KAKAMEGA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF. Could someone please help us form a website please? Another challenge we have as indicated above is very poor enrollment due to fee problem. Feeding the children is a very big task. I have received and re-admitted children but their upkeep is a challenge.Kindly help us on writing the proposal for funding.

    • Rui Oliveira says:

      Contact me if you still need website creation support.
      Rui Oliveira
      UN Online Volunteer

      • pastor Ben -Uganda says:

        Hello Oliveira, i need your help indeed. we are a start-up christian community development foundation in Tororo, Uganda with less info and ideas of how to network and collaborate with potential partners and donors. we need to build a media presence for our org -HIGHERLIFE FOUNDATION. our focus is fivefold: Developing microfinance initiatives, Equipping leaders, Envisioning communities for self-reliance, Developing partnerships for sustainability and spreading the gospel. can you pliz help. i will be happy for you to directly email me: or call +256-772358205


        Pastor Ben Kimbowa
        HigherLife Foundation
        Tororo, Uganda

  29. Rabindra panta says:

    Dear sir….
    it me Rabindra panta….from nepal….i have ngo….which work in disable children,orphans children n street children in nepal…..plz help us….because there is no any altritive sources…to fulfully to complets,….demans…..then plz help our ngo……i am also disable person then i know bitter expricences…to this field…then plz help us…..

    • hi…..
      rabindra this side sadanand shukla we r going to start our ngo in india bt we also keen interested to work in country like nepal so if u thought that we can work together in near future and the most important thing is ur believe ,how much you believe on us that will really add some good responce..
      my room mate was also from nepal ,so you can also take as guarantee… reply me if you thought that we can work together on my mail id

  30. Hi , i have an ngo that renders services to elders from 60yrs upwards, so u may please help me to get donors,or foods for them

    Kind regards

  31. Katherine Cheshire says:

    Dear Friends,

    I am so please we have another chance to learn from you.

    In Peace, Katherine Cheshire

  32. rajni chandel says:

    we are new ngo and want to provide family atmosphare to orphanage and old age neglected people who have also right to live happy and peaceful life. we bought some 10 bigha land for this purpose but now we have no money to construct building and looking for help in this regard so we can serve these people as soon as possible. plz help such unfortunate people to become fortunate.

  33. please i need advice on who to send proposal to,am organizing a program for children in a particular state and i did need financial support,pls send me details of ngo i can talk to.thanks

  34. Prayas Community Living Centre, Tollygunge says:

    Thanks for the great work you are doing to support NGO’s to operate in their fields.

    We are a group of parents of Persons With Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (PWIDDs) working for the Social Security and Rehabilitation of such hapless persons of the society.

    In order to protect the rights of such PWIDDs and to provide lifelong care and shelter for them, Prayas Community Living Centre, Tollygunge (PCLCT) is in the process of implementation of a completely new and innovative Project based on community living concept. In this project, the PWIDDs will live together with their parents like an extended family in a planned environment like a commune and will spend whole life in an “extended family” environment, providing them with compassionate care which they deserve as their right to live and need.

    The Project construction work was started on our own plot of land back in the year 2009 and with the limited fund we could collect from the parent members as donation, till date we could construct our project building up to the first floor. Our project is situated on a plot of land of about 50 kothas (0.35 Hactres) at Govindapur, South 24-Parganas, West Bengal, India. The site is neither very close to the city nor at a far off place.

    Our fund position has reached the bottom line and we are not able to complete our balance activities of the service components which are absolutely essential and important before we start our project activities since all our beneficiaries are special persons. The estimated expenditure of the balance work would be to the tune of Rs. 25.00 Lac (42000.00 USD)

    We are facing acute fund crunch and looking for donors and project partners who wish to support our project!

    Considering the fate of such PWIDDs, when their parents will be no more in this world and there will be nobody to look after them, may we humbly request all to reinforce our will power and extend financial assistance to enable us to complete the above community living project for the special persons and bring smile in the faces of atleast few parents of such PWIDDs of the Society.

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