Conference: Caucasus Research Resource Centers: Social Capital: Armenia

Deadline- March 7, 2013

The Caucasus Research Resource Center is inviting applicants to participate in special Conference on Social Capital. The conference will be held at Tsakhkadzor, Armenia on 5-6 June 2013. The SC Conference will be conducted in Armenian and English. Simultaneous translation will be available. The conference aims at socializing and networking event, precisely the type of event to promote, propagate and publicize the concept of social capital.

The Conference will include three panels for discussion and debates. The three panels are broadly dubbed “theoretical,” “empirical” and “cultural”

Subject areas-

  • Definitional Issues and Typology of Social Capital
  • Social Capital, Democracy and State Cohesion; Connectedness; Social Capital, Social Cohesion, Solidarity
  • Methodology: Evaluation and Measurement of Social Capital; Emerging Research Opportunities
  • Social Capital and Reciprocity: Trust in Social Norms and Institutions.
  • Social Capital and Gender Issues: Prominent Role of Women in Society, Women’s Engagement in Politics and Business
  • Cultural Implications of Social Capital
  • Misunderstanding and Misusing the Social Capital: Negative Social Capital and Reproduction of Inequality

Eligibility & Criteria-

  • The SC Conference will host social scientists, scholars, researchers, think-thank and NGO  representatives, Master of Arts and PhD students, individuals from academic faculties, government agencies, representatives of international organizations – all those who will demonstrate scientific and professional interest in the above mentioned subjects and related fields.
  • No discrimination will be made with regard to race, gender, religion, citizenship, social, political and/or other affiliations of participants.

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