Allen Foundation Inc.

Objectives: The Allen Foundation was established in 1975 by agricultural chemist William Webster in Michigan. The goal of the Foundation is to finance projects willing to improve human nutrition by means of conducting research, establishing education programmes or training on the subject of nutrition. The Foundation is mainly interested in projects that explore the link between nutrition and health – how embracing a healthier diet leads to a healthier lifestyle. The Foundation has given money also to organisations working in areas where malnutrition and hunger are among main problems to be solved. Yet, it is important to stress that this is not the main priority of the Foundation and financial aid for feeding starving population will be given only in exceptional circumstances.

Areas of Funding: The Allen Foundation is interested in projects that:

1)      Further nutritional research

2)      Educate mothers, during and after pregnancy, so that good nutritional habits can be formed at an early age.

3)      Disseminate good nutritional practices and habits

4)      Train new nutritional educators who will work with segments of the population in the need of nutritional advice

5)      Exceptionally, the Foundation also gives money to solve urgent problems of hunger derived from unexpected circumstances such as natural disasters or wars.

Geographic Focus: No restriction given.

Applicant organisations must prove their tax-exempt status in the country where they are based (or other relevant documents proving that the applicant is a non-profit organisation legally recognised and registered).

Programs or Prizes:

Proposed projects must develop in one of these 3 fields:

1)      Academic Research. The Foundation is particularly interested in projects that investigate nutrigenomics; thus giving the possibility to individuals to choose their diet based on genetic information. Proposals must indicate the name of a Principal Investigator (PI) who will be in charge of directing the research process. PIs must be academic with tenure track.

2)      Nutrition Education, projects could implement activities to increase nutritional awareness or to promote healthy diet and lifestyle as a way to improve human condition.

3)      Hunger and Social Issues, projects could implement activities to help those layers of the population facing hunger as a consequence of disasters or because of poverty. The Foundation is particularly keen in sponsoring activities supporting pregnant women and young mothers to understand the benefits of a healthy diet for their babies.

The proposed projects must present a clear plan to become financially independent. The Foundation gives priority to projects indicating matching funds or third party contributions in their proposal. Proposals can ask for a minimum of $3,000 to a maximum of $76,000. Projects could be funded for more than 1 year.

How to Apply Information:

Applications are accepted via the online system accessible from the Foundation’s website, here. There is a fixed form to be filled in; applicants must present 250 words executive summary, 1000 words proposal, and a budget justifying all the foreseen expenses. Additionally, organisations must provide evidence about their non-profit legal status and researchers must provide a short biography highlighting their academic background and experience.

The deadline for submitting online application is December 31 every year. After registering for submitting a proposal, applicants are given a personal password to access, review, and amend their proposals up to the deadline. A list with the winning projects is posted on the Foundation’s website in June. A complete list of all the projects funded so far is available here.


  1. Avatar Sizwe Hlekiso says

    We are a youth organisation involved in community outreach and development. the organisation name is; Mother Soul Youth Youth Development indaba NPO Reg: 097-292 premises are provided by Lukhanji Municipality on a free basis. The organisation was established in May 2011 the aim is to help young people to help themselves through skills development and make them aware of dangers of unprotected sex. We do prevention and intervention and fight stigmatisation in the community.

    We are situated in a very poor rural Township called Ilinge in the boarders of Lukhanji Municipality Eastern Cape, South Africa. We are kindly asking for assistance from your foundation as we do not have resources and funds to carry on with our objectives. We need resources such as; Stationary, Computers x8, Desks x8, Flip Charts x2, Projectors x2, Lap Top x1, Printers x2 and Photocopying Machines x2

    Your assistance will be appreciated by our community and the organisation.


  2. Avatar basil wanzira says

    Our Local NGO-Poverty Alleviation and Community Development Foundation is based and operates in Uganda. Would it be legible to benefit from this grant?