Microsoft Grants, Donations and Training for NGOs

Microsoft’s Corporate Citizenship seeks to serve the needs of the communities and fulfill its responsibility to the public as a corporate citizen. It aims to apply its technology expertise and resources to solve societal challenges at global and local level. Under its serving communities approach, it offers support communities, youths and also provides response against disaster and humanitarian problems.

The Microsoft Grants for Nonprofits includes support such as software donations, training and monetary grants and these are available both for small and large NGOs around the world.

Software donations can be very useful for NGOs, especially the small ones which cannot afford to buy them. These donations vary from time to time and you need to check their website to see what products are available presently. Software programs such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Windows Live and many others can be either accessed freely or at low cost.

You can also participate in resourceful training programs from Microsoft which otherwise can cost thousands of dollars. These trainings provide useful courses that you can further offer to your community. The Digital Literacy Curriculum provides free online courses that allow you to learn and teach basic computer skills and get a certificate for successful completion. There is also a free course on how to use Microsoft Office.

You can learn more about Microsoft’s giving programs at this link.


  1. Avatar Bro. John Kwoba says

    We are an agricultural based organization to ensure that people are food secure. Can we be connected to an organization that can partner with us to help in Nutrition Education, production for poverty reduction?

  2. Avatar Alfred Shayo says

    Please provide me with organizations supporting school sanitation projects.

    Best regards

    Alfred Shayo