Nike, Inc.’s Foundation focuses on improving the lives of Adolescent Girls

The Nike Foundation was set up in 2004 by Nike, Inc. with a special focus on improving the lives of adolescent girls. By directly addressing the issues confronting girls, the foundation seeks to bring about solutions to global poverty especially in developing countries.

As a result of this focus, it launched the famous Girl Effect Campaign in partnership with the NoVo Foundation, the United Nations Foundation and the Coalition for Adolescent Girls to spread awareness about the potential of adolescent girls to end poverty. But this is just a campaign (only to raise awareness) but not a funding opportunity and the foundation and its partners are solely involved in it.

The foundation has been working to put an end to early marriage, ensure health and safety, increasing access to secondary schooling and transition to good jobs and expanding girls’ direct access to economic assets. Such issues are mostly prevalent in developing countries and it sounds that is a good scope for leveraging partnership with local NGOs but…

Although the foundation has a direct focus on a particular issue, it does not accept unsolicited proposals. In fact, there is also little scope for accepting solicited proposals because though it claims to issue Request for Proposals from time to time, there is little information as to when and how they are announced. This can mean that though you may have a very innovative proposal to address the issue of adolescent girls in your area, unfortunately there is no easy way to contact this foundation for support. You can learn more at this link.


  1. Nike

    Your strategy to help adolescent girls is good but the access to your funding is complicated. So what is the point of talking about it.

  2. Nice materials.
    Please develop something in Monitoring & Evaluation as well.