Starbucks Coffee Company’s Starbucks Foundation

The Starbuck Coffee Company set up the Starbucks Foundation in 1997 and initially it funded literacy programs in the United States and Canada. Now the foundation has expanded its base by providing financial support to communities around the world. Starbucks Global Responsibility Mission Statement states that “By integrating innovative, values-based business practices, we contribute to the growth and sustainability of the company, produce social, environmental and economic benefits for communities globally, enhance the company’s reputation, and enable Starbucks to be a great company with one of the most respected brands in the world.”

The Starbucks Foundation has a focus on youths. It works to support the next generation of change makers. It has set the community goals of engaging 50,000 young people to innovate and create action in their communities and contributing one million hours of community service per year by 2015.

One of the important programs of the foundation is the Starbucks Shared Planet Youth Action Grants which provides grants to NGOs that provide training to young people to develop necessary skills and knowledge to incubate ideas, identify and assess community needs, create a plan of action, execute a plan and evaluate outcomes against goals; build ongoing leadership capacity and long term engagement of young people; and communicate young peoples’ success stories through various media (print, video, web based)*

Starbucks Foundation accepts Letters of Inquiry every year only between October 1st and December 1st. It reviews organizations through our annual online Letter of Inquiry process and does not accept unsolicited proposals by mail or email.

To know more about this foundation, visit this link.