The Toyota Motor Corporation’s Grants under its Corporate Citizenship

The Toyota Motor Corporation’s Corporate Citizenship has programs across six continents for improving lives for every everyone, rebuilding areas of impoverished communities and helping set national environmental policies to promoting intimate activities which both education and inspire youth of the world. Its CSR policy intends to contribute by taking the lead in the sustainable development of society and the earth and become an admired and trusted company in the various regions where it conducts business.

The areas covered under its corporate citizenship are environment, traffic safety, education and society and culture/volunteer.

Toyota’s most prominent grantmaking is through the Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program which is announced annually on themes related to “Biodiversity Conservation” and “Global Warming Countermeasures” that are serious and urgent issues for conserving the earth environment. As this corporation is based in Japan, it gives priority to Japanese organizations. In fact, only Japanese NGOs can apply for grants and NGOs in other countries can apply only in partnership with their Japanese counterparts.

Other grant programs are mostly country based like the Toyota China Youth Environmental Protection Aid Program, Toyota Eco Youth in Malaysia/Indonesia, Rainforest Restoration Initiatives in the Philippines and others. For more information about Toyota’s grants, visit this link.