CHANGING Markets Award: Opportunity for winning Funding for NGOs

Deadline- 1 September 2013

All eligible participants are invited to participate in CHANGING Markets Award which aims to identify companies (“Champions for Green and Inclusive Markets”) that are successfully building their business case around environmental considerations and creating real impact at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP). The goal of this program is to focus on sharpening business cases and profiles and on promoting a productive exchange of experience. Finalists have the opportunity to put their skills and knowledge directly into practice during the IBF, where they can showcase their business models and discuss their successes and challenges.

Up to 3 winners chosen from the finalists will additionally receive a monetary prize of 5,000 Euro.

Eligibility & Criteria-

  • For profit and non-profit entities: businesses, subsidiaries, NGOs, community-based organisations, public sector organisations; their  focus is on small and medium enterprises (SME) but initiatives of larges companies can also apply
  • Businesses or initiatives with a minimum of 2 years of operation; applicant need to have demonstrated the viability of their business case
  • Businesses or initiatives operating in an emerging or developing country (all countries except EU and OECD member states, but including Turkey)

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