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The Norwegian Embassy in Pristina invites applications for grants for Strengthening Civil Society Programme in Kosovo

The Strengthening Civil Society Programme (SCP) has been started by Norway Embassy in Pristina to support the involvement of civil society in social and political expansion and growth in Kosovo. One of the main objectives of SCS programme is endorsing the rights and inclusion of marginalized groups. SCS also works to strengthen the competence of civil society groups and help them in working as watchdogs of public priorities and reform processes.

The Norwegian Embassy in Pristina invites applications for grants for Strengthening Civil Society Programme in Kosovo.

Priority areas

– Stream 1

– Security Sector and Justice Sector Reform

– Independent audit institutions

– Multi-ethnic Education

– Stream 2

– Equity issues and women’s rights, including support to sexual minorities and the fight against gender based violence.

– Minority rights


Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) with permanent residency in Kosovo are eligible to apply. The organisation may be national, regional or international. Regional and international organisations may apply under the same conditions as national organisations, but will have to legitimise their added value to attaining the aim and objectives of SCS in relation to national organisations. Organisations consisting of representatives of the target group, as well as organisations working on behalf of the target group are eligible to apply for support.

Last date for submitting the application is September 1, 2011.

For more information and details, please visit this link.

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  1. florence menye says:

    I am running a women organization whose objectives are to empower rural women with skills on income generating activities and also access to information and knowledge in leadership and even to seek for positions
    at all levels. in general we build their capacities on social, political and economical activities. Our key issues is fight against gender based violence. Kindly how do i apply for this grants?

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