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FY 2012 Funding Opportunity Announcement for NGO programs benefiting Sri Lankan refugees in Tamil Nadu, India

Deadline- April 24, 2012

Countries/Region- Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu, India

This announcement is designed to accompany PRM’s General NGO Guidelines, which contain additional administrative information and explain in detail PRM’s NGO funding strategy and priorities.  Please use both the General NGO Guidelines and this announcement to ensure that the proposed activities are in line with PRM’s priorities and that your proposal submission is in full compliance with PRM requirements.  Proposal submissions that do not meet all of the requirements outlined in these guidelines will not be considered.  PRM recommends using the proposal and budget templates that are available upon email request from PRM’s NGO Coordinator.  Please send an email, with the phrase “PRM NGO templates” in the subject line, to PRM’s NGO Coordinator.

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