International Book Bank where NGOs can get free books

The International Book Bank (IBB) in Balitmore, USA aims to increase global literacy by donating brand new books to charities in developing countries. IBB’s cloud-based inventory system and electronic catalog allow indigenous institutions to choose their own learning materials in their own quantities — and prepare lessons in advance.

Although the books it offers are free, shipping costs have to be covered either through sponsors or by applicant organizations themselves. IBB can provide further assistance in reducing the shipping costs through fundraising from external sources.

Since 1987, IBB has shipped more than 25 million brand new books to Africa, Asia, Central America, Central and Eastern Europe and South America. IBB was founded in 1987 as an all-volunteer organization until a 1989 formalized partnership with the Canadian literacy organization CODE created a professional staff. In 1990, IBB moved from Chicago to the international port at Baltimore.

If you are a teacher in developing country, employee in an indigenous charity or a library in need, you can apply for books from IBB. IBB is able supply 20+ copies of books from Pre-K to university levels; in English (we have some books in Braille, ESL, French and Spanish too); in basic subjects like English and math; and in advanced subjects like business, psychology and teaching.

You can get the books by filling up an application form. IBB will then send an electronic catalog of current inventory so that you can select your books.

It stacks your cartons of books on pallets, place the pallets inside sea containers, and ship the sea containers to a port near you (the trip takes 4 to 6 weeks). You send photographs and documents showing you received the books, stamped them as being not for sale and distributed them properly (that means students with books in their hands).

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  1. Avatar Obuesi Phillips Esq. says

    I am Obuesi Phillips, the coordinator of COMMUNITY AGENDA FOR PEACE (CAP). The Umueri and Aguleri communities were involved in a deadly communal clash between 1995 and 2005. The violence which was fought in the Umueri community has left the community without schools and hospitals for going to 15 years now.
    We are working with these local communities and would appreciate support to build and maintain libraries and ICT centre for the grassroot youth, and to achieve this we need computers and books support.
    I can provide pictures and videos of our advocacy works here.