KOSMOS 2015 Seed Grants to Individuals and Organizations Working Towards Social Change

Deadline: 14 February 2015

KOSMOS has announced a new small grant-giving initiative- Kosmos Seed Grants for 2015. Applications are invited from the individuals and organizations around the world that are working to advance ‘transformation in harmony with all Life’.

KOSMOS is an ancient Greek term meaning the harmony and beauty of the universe wherein all parts have their place within the Whole. Two Kosmos Seed Grants of $2500 each will be awarded in 2015.

Focus Areas

  1. Economics
  2. Governance
  3. Law
  4. Media
  5. Business
  6. Education
  7. Science
  8. Spirituality

Eligibility Criteria

  • Any individual or organization around the world working toward social change can apply for the grants.
  • Applicant’s projects should have a stated duration, with clear objectives and expected outcomes.
  • Applicants should describe a clear and direct use of the funds and the impact it will have.
  • Applicants with proposals aligned with the foundation’s stated mission: “to inform, inspire and engage individual and collective participation in local and global transformation in harmony with all life.” will be preferred.

How to Apply?

  • Interested applicants can submit the application online through the link available on the website.
  • Applicants have to mention about their project details, location, personal details and address in the application form.

For more information and application form, visit KOSMOS Seed Grants 2015.


  1. Avatar http://jean%20claude says

    I am very interested therefore i have an NGOS from youth aimed at against drugs abuse but still searching the national certificate ,can i apply?

    • Avatar http://Bela says

      Hello Jean,
      Check the eligibility criteria. If you find yourself eligible, then apply to the grant by clicking on the link present in ‘For more information…’ line.
      Good Luck!

  2. Avatar http://Alice says

    Dear team
    i am interested in applying for the Grant but the link for more information is not displaying after clicking, would you please help me with such problem so that i can get guidelines and application form

    • Avatar http://Gamala%20Luitel says

      Hello Alice,
      The link works properly, may be there was some technical problem on your end. Please try again.
      We wish you good luck!

  3. Avatar http://Mable%20Ngolleka says

    I am the Director of Women of Action Ministries and organization that encourages and empowers widows, orphans and other vulnerable groups to become self-sufficient and engage in sustainable activities/programs to improve their individual socioeconomic well-being. We would like to apply for the grant.

  4. Avatar http://Lawrence%20Tokpah,Jr says

    Hi KOSMOS:
    This is Lawrence Tokpah, Jr, i work for the Movement for Development and Good Governance, a national NGO in Liberia.
    We have completed the writing of the proposal but we don’t know the actual address to send it KOSMOS.
    Please help us send the main email address for the KOSMOS seed Grants 2015.


    • Avatar http://Gamala%20Luitel says

      Please visit the link on the line ‘For more information…’ and proceed.
      Good Luck!

  5. Avatar http://Surya%20Paudyal says

    I have seeking funds for NGOs or freelancer consultant. So I send my CV.

    • Avatar http://Gamala%20Luitel says

      Hello Surya,
      Please visit the link on the line ‘For more information…’ and proceed with your application/CV or other materials. Applying to the relevant opportunity following instructions is the first step in securing funding.
      We wish you good luck!

  6. Avatar http://kaleny says

    Due to high unemployment in our country youth are becoming violent, drunkers and prostitution is growing. Therefore we are a group of lady who want to address these critical issues by establishing a three month tailoring skill training for out school youth and vulnerable children. Do you think we can be funded?


    • Avatar http://Gamala%20Luitel says

      Hi Kaleny,
      We appreciate your plan. Please subscribe our newsletter to be informed of latest funds and funding agencies. Approach relevant donors with your application following their application guidelines and secure fund for your project.
      We wish you good luck!

    • Avatar http://Ayo-Vaughn%20KR says

      We have a thirty classroom blocks edifice. We are interested in partnering with any international organization or NGO to revive our not for profit school established in 1964 as International Nurture Research Institute (INRI) to train the less privileged children. It was closed down in 1996 due to lack of funds and necessary equipment and logistics. We need funding and learning materials, school buses, computers and ETC. It is Situated in the southwest of Nigeria. We thank you most sincerely for your anticipated response.

  7. Avatar http://Andi%20Irwan%20SMB says

    I am interested in promoting Education in my country and will submit application if I qualify..

    • Avatar http://Gamala%20Luitel says

      Please check the eligibility criteria carefully and proceed if you fit.
      Good Luck!

  8. Avatar http://Thengi%20Jiyane says

    Greetings to KOSMOS Seed Grant 2015
    From South Africa I am Thengi Jiyane based in Mpumalanga Province, I would like to make a formal proposal to the above mentioned organisation, where I would like to be assisted with deed funding to start a small independent printing and publishing prress which will be able to produce few community newspapers written in indigenous languages.

    Most of our rural people do not feel comfortable to read English publications, since this is part of rural journalism, our publications shall be distributed in schools and libraries where these vernacular languages are taught and spoken strongly.

    I hope Kosmos you will encourage such an initiative, since printing in South Africa is expensive for rural community newspapers.

    • Avatar http://Gamala%20Luitel says

      Please visit the link on the line ‘For more information…’ and proceed with your application. Applying at the right place is one of the most essential things on securing grants.
      We wish you good luck!

  9. Avatar http://Jeffersons says

    We are an NGO supporting orphans,disadvantage youth and widows in rural areas of Uganda with practical skills training in computer training,tailoring and carpentry and joinery.are we also eligible to apply?

    • Avatar http://Gamala%20Luitel says

      Sure Jeffersons, go ahead. We also suggest you to apply for other relevant opportunities that come across you.
      We wish you good luck!

  10. Avatar http://Joseph%20Nicholson says

    Please send me your email, I want to send more information.

    • Avatar http://Gamala%20Luitel says

      Please visit the link on the line ‘For more information…’ and send the information or apply for the opportunity to organizers.
      We wish you good luck!

  11. Avatar http://Nurhasdiana says

    First of all, I would like to introduce myself my name is Nurhasdiana, I am now in South Sulawesi, Indonesia and As individually I interested for applying the seed Grands. I am working with the community at coastal areas with friends, we have been facing with the poverty problem, early child married, violence against woman, limited access to information, knowledge, skill. The people have been depending on season each year, the life will be worst when dry season is coming and when facing the rainy season, their houses will drown. In term of so many problem amongst the community life we try to work with them, recently we have been working to end the violent against women and focusing on “early child married”. Indonesia since 2002 already had the law but yet the girls have been living in bad circumstance, lack of education, they lost their basic right to get the sufficient education, forced marriage, and so on.

    Is that possible for me to apply this opportunity on Kosmos 2015 Seed Grants. Please give me the replying as I needed to know it.

    • Avatar http://Gamala%20Luitel says

      Sure Nurshadiana, please visit the link on the line ‘For more information…’ and proceed with your application.
      We wish you good luck!