Canadian Embassy Grant Opportunities for NGOs

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Canadian embassies in various developing countries provide small funding to NGOs mostly under the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), also known as the Canada Fund. CFLI is managed by the Canadian High Commission and it is either open to proposals all throughout the year or only during certain times of the year, depending upon country to country.

The Canada Fund priority issues for which funding is made available can also vary from country to country but generally, it looks at promotion of good governance, democracy and human rights. This fund is exclusively meant for small and local organizations. NGOs are required to have previous project experience. Since this is a small fund for a limited time, CFLI may not be interested in supporting salaries, infrastructure or other capital costs.

Applying for the CFLI is also easy. There is usually an application form that can be downloaded and filled up. NGOs can then submit it for consideration.

Apart from CFLI, the Canadian embassies can have different small grants program in select countries. You can explore the website of the Canadian embassy by visit this link and looking for your country. You can then search a bit on that website to know about CFLI or any other small funding for NGOs.

Canadian Embassy Grant for NGOs