European Union-Serbia Media Programme 2015: Call for Proposals

Deadline: 05 June 2015

The European Commission is currently inviting proposals from eligible organisations for its Media Programme 2015. The programme aims to support media freedom and media integrity in enlargement countries financially and technically so as to enable the environment of free expression and media, to strengthen media professional organizations and to help media outlets so as to improve their internal governance.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Call for Proposals are:

  • To improve conditions for quality and credibility investigative journalism,
  • To support quality media production in the area of rule of law.


  • Independence, transparency and efficiency in administration of justice and work of the court system.
  • Law enforcement and fight against all forms of crime, including organized crime.
  • Transparency of public budgeting and spending, accountability of public officials.
  • Protection of human rights.

Size of grants

Any grant requested under this call for proposal must fall between EUR 50,000 and EUR 105,000.


Actions must take place in the Republic of Serbia.


The initial planned duration of an action may not be lower than 12 months nor exceed 24 months.


  • In order to be eligible for a grant, the applicant must be:
    • a legal person’
    • print, electronic, on-line media, news agencies, media production houses and media associations
    • Established in a Member State of the European Union or in a country covered by the Article 10 of the IPA Regulation
    • Directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with the co-applicants and affiliated entity, not acting as an intermediary and
    • be based in Serbia or in a Member State of the European Union but with an established office in Serbia.
  • To be eligible for the grant the co-applicants can be Civil Society organizations working in the areas relevant for the Cell and must satisfy the same eligibility criteria as that of the applicants.
  • The applicant and its co-applicant(s) may act with affiliated entity(ies) having a structural
  • link with the applicants. Eligible entities may thus include-
    • Entities directly or indirectly controlled by the beneficiary (daughter companies or first-tier subsidiaries). They may also be entities controlled by an entity controlled by the beneficiary (granddaughter companies or second-tier subsidiaries) and the same applies to further tiers of control;
    • Entities directly or indirectly controlling the beneficiary (parent companies).
    • Entities under the same direct or indirect control as the beneficiary (sister companies).
    • Entities legally defined as a e.g. network, federation, association in which the proposed affiliated entities also participate or the beneficiary participates in the same entity (e.g. network, federation, association) as the proposed affiliated entities.

How to Apply

  • The application process consists of two phases-
    • Phase 1, concept note
    • Phase 2, full proposal
  • Only Concept Notes must be submitted for evaluation. Thereafter, applicants who have been pre-selected will be invited to submit a Full Application Form.
  • Prior registration in Europe Aid’s on-line database, PADOR, is obligatory for applicants, co-applicants and affiliated entities.
  • Applicants must be registered before submitting the concept note, while co-applicants and affiliated entities must be registered prior to submission of the full application, if applicable.

For more information, please visit EU-Serbia and download the guidelines.


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