International Fellowships for Leadership, Democracy, Human Rights, Social Entrepreneurship & more

Many international agencies offer fully-funded fellowships for individuals from developing countries to build their growth and increase their contribution towards the society. Fellowships not only award you with new sponsorship opportunities, but also enhance your knowledge and networking resources for the betterment of the world.

In this article, we cover a variety of fellowships offered to individuals working in various fields of development such as democracy, human rights, social entrepreneurship, civil society development, poverty and so on. Many of these fellowships give you an opportunity to travel abroad and undertake training in prestigious institutions. Some also offer grants for your creative work.

The Global Good Fund Fellowship Program 2016 for Social Entrepreneurs

Deadline: 1 June 2015

The Global Good Fund is accepting applications from social entrepreneurs with track record of success and potential for greatness for its 2016 Fellowship Program cohort. This is an opportunity to enhance leadership skills and accelerate personal development.

Eligibility criteria

  • Individuals under 40 years of age (if 40 or older, explain rationale for Fellowship) can apply for these fellowships.
  • The enterprise that the candidate leads should be at least one year old with at least one full-time employee in addition to the candidate.
  • Candidate should be committed full‐time to running her/his enterprise.
  • Candidate should be coachable and humble, meaning that s/he eagerly embraces honest critique and feedback and has a desire to learn.
  • Candidate must commit to dedicate 15 months to The Global Good Fund Fellowship while remaining in her/his workplace
  • Candidate must be willing to drive the Fellowship process and take ownership of her/his leadership development.
  • Candidate should show commitment to giving back; s/he should actively mentor and invest in team members or other individuals.
  • The enterprise exhibits growth potential, meaning scale or depth of outreach.
  • The enterprise should be moving toward a model of financial sustainability whereby 50% or more of the budget is covered through revenue generation. If this level has not been achieved, this goal must be a top priority for the candidate and her/his enterprise.

Application Process

  • Application process consists of 4 parts-
  • Part 1: Complete a 15 minutes preliminary questionnaire section to check eligibility for the fellowship by 1 June 2015.
  • Part 2 – By 15 June 2015, also submit an informal video recording (maximum 3 minutes) answering the following:
    • Motivation to set-up the enterprise
    • Brief explanation of what the enterprise does
    • Explanation on why you and your enterprise are unique and can address this specific problem area more effectively than anyone else.
  • Part 3 – Selected candidates will be invited to complete part 3, the written section, and submit resume by 1 July 2015.
  • Part 4 – Selected candidates from Part 3 will be notified of advancing to part 4 by 1 September 2015. This will consists of a 2 hour virtual site visit with the Global Good Fund team, meeting the core team members of the enterprise and community members. These visits will occur between September – October 2015. Finalist Candidates will also participate in the selection process whereby they will rate and score one another.
  • Finalist Candidates will be notified about selection as a Global Good Fund Fellow by 1 December 2015.

For more information, please visit The Global Good Fund Fellowship Program.



  1. I am a young University Administrator with interest in Higher Education Management. I have attended and presented papers both at National and International levels. Presently I am billed to attend and present papers at International Conferences at Canada and United Kingdom but having financial problem. I am seeking for sponsorship for this purpose. It will be highly appreciated if you can be of help. Thanks and God bless.

    • Rashmi Kanti says:

      Hello Todowede,
      We are not a funding organisation nor we sponsor any Conferences/Programmes. All we can provide is to keep you updated about the latest funding, fellowships, Conferences and other relevant opportunities.
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  2. I am eligible for the opportunity, away from that , let me appreciate your organization for putting such measures on track for the poor. thank.