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Conservation, Food and Health Foundation, The

The Conservation, Food and Health Foundation has a focus in conservation of natural resources, production and distribution of food and promotion of healthcare. It provides grants to projects and programs that build the capacities of organizations and groups working in the core areas of conservation, food and health. It seeks to support projects which have “strong local leadership, promote professional development in the conservation, agricultural, and health sciences, develop the capacity of local organizations, and address a particular problem in the field.” Funding support is mostly preferred to issues that are under-funded.

The Foundation’s grantmaking process is focused upon projects implemented in developing countries. NGOs from these countries or international organizations working in the Third World can apply and receive grants from the Foundation. Grant proposals need to cover the three core areas of work identified by the Foundation.

The application format for developing proposals is available at this link. Applicants can fill in the format and submit the application through email.

Contact information:

Conservation, Food & Health Foundation
c/o Prentice A. Zinn, Administrator
Grants Management Associates
77 Summer Street, 8th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02110-1006 USA

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