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A Simple Format for NGOs to write Job Descriptions for their Staff -4

Sample Job Description: Finance Officer

Job Title: Finance Officer

Location: (City/Town)

Date of Joining: April 2010

Reporting to: Director

Summary:  The organization works for the upliftment of the poor and the disadvantaged communities in (project area) by increasing their access to resources and skills in a sustainable manner. It is currently implementing projects supported by (donors) in areas of income generation and livelihood development. The organization is currently seeking to appoint a Finance Officer to manage its financial operations.


The Finance Officer will:

  • Oversee the financial operations of the organization and ensure timely and accurate financial reports and practices including cash management, payroll, financial disbursements, ledgers etc.
  • Responsible for entering financial information and maintaining all financial records for projects and for the organization.
  • Preparing and maintaining donor agreements and staff contracts.
  • Manage financial control, prepare and analyze budgets, develop financial reports, and make recommendations to the organization on budget expenditures.
  • Obtain approvals from the Director and from the donors on all procurements and purchases for the projects and for the organization.
  • Monitor the expenditures to ensure that program funds are utilized appropriately by the close of the fiscal year.
  • Provide orientation and training to the organization staff on cost-effective management.
  • Ensure that all financial reporting is completed on time and submitted to donors.
  • Oversee the financial audits of all projects of the organization.
  • Provide financial inputs for proposal development, project management, Human Resource Management policies, logistics, travel and other areas of administration.


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