Booklet to Plan and Maintain Fundraising Campaigns

A fundraising booklet entitled ‘Designing a Successful Fund Raising Campaign for Your NGO’ has been written by Susan Pezzullo and Julie Rice. This guide is a part of a larger project undertaken by the International Youth Foundation, to help NGOs across the world gain strength and sustainability. IYF has constantly aimed at promoting and supporting the youth at local, national and international level, by creating national network of partner organizations. The present guide aims at directing the NGOs to plan and develop successful fundraising campaigns.

The booklet provides information to NGOs about the various steps involved in planning and developing a fundraising campaign. It draws ideas and examples from the campaigns managed by IYF Partners in 1999 and 2000; these campaigns had their foundations in the concept named ‘Children’s Promise’ that was developed in the UK, whereby people were asked to donate the earnings of the last hour of the millennium to create development programs for youth.  The present booklet gives practical ideas that can be implemented by NGOs seeking to further their funds through specific fundraising campaign.

 Designing Successful Fundraising for NGOs

The booklet can prove to be beneficial for the NGOs as it provides step-wise guidance on how to decide what their organization wants from a campaign and how to create the capacity to design and manage a fundraising campaign. It also shows how to develop communication strategies targeting companies and individuals, and how to mobilize companies. However, it highlights the fact that funds should not stop flowing after the campaign is over, and directs the NGOs to maintain sustainable funds.

You can download the booklet from this link.