Defining the components of the Logical Framework in a grant proposal -5

Goal A project goal is a very general, high-level and long-term objective of the project. It is different from project objectives because the latter are very specific and have to be addressed alone by the project. But the goal cannot be achieved by the project on its own since there will be other forces like the Government, other agencies etc also working to achieve it. It is a major benchmark to compare work between different projects.
Objectives Objectives are the specific objectives the project works to achieve within the stipulated time.
Activities or Inputs Activities or inputs are actions undertaken by the project or the organization to achieve the set objectives
Outputs Outputs are immediate results that we achieve soon after the completion the project or any specific project activity.
Outcomes The outcomes are results that have been or that are to be achieved after a period of time, but not immediate.
Impact The impact is the longer-term result that has happened because of the activities undertaken in the project.
Indicators Indicators are a measure of the result. They give a sense of what has been or what is to be achieved.
Means of Verification Data or information based on which the indicators will be measured or monitored
Risks & Assumptions External factors affecting the progress of the project
Costs Budgetary explanations