Fundraising Guide for Indian NGOs

A fundraising guide, written by Jane Bradshaw, a VSO volunteer, directs the NGOs to raise funds for their developmental projects. It is part of Working Papers in Development that are written by volunteers at VSO. The guide is a comprehensive document providing information about the three main types of fundraising: direct mail, fundraising from trusts and fundraising from companies. It aims to help NGOs and community groups in India, who are looking diverse sources for raising funds for their various socio-development projects.

The guide provides step-to-step information about various fundraising resources that allocate funds to Indian NGOs and CBOs. Though the guide basically caters to people involved in social work in big cities, but even those in rural areas can benefit from it, by adapting the methods described in the guide to their particular scenario.

The guide highlights the role of fundraiser, and establishes his importance in forming a bridge between the funding organizations and those who need the funds. His job is not to generate a one-time income, but to look for sources that would provide sustainable income to his organization. The guide is beneficial for the fundraisers as it directs them on whom to approach for funds, and how to approach them. It provides comprehensive and section-wise information on raising money from individuals, companies and trusts. The guide also makes the fundraisers aware of the various ways to raise funds from events, underlining the role of advertising in raising funds.

 Fundraising Guide for NGOs

Though the guide primarily focuses on the urban NGOs and CBOs, it also provides helpful tips for fundraising to the rural social-work organizations. It not only guides the NGOs and CBOs on raising funds for some particular development projects, but also shows them how to maintain and sustain their income.

You can download the guide from this link.