A Guide on Conservation Finance

“Guide to Conservation Finance” was developed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), to provide comprehensive information about the conservation financing mechanisms that are being implemented across the world. The guide aims to help people who are engaged in conservation activities, by informing them about the various conservation finance mechanisms available, so that they can choose the most appropriate one to achieve their conservation aim.

The guide is developed keeping in view the fact that organizations engaged in conservation finance have to face the maximum challenges where funding is concerned, as countries that are the richest in biodiversity are economically the poorest; hence governments of such  countries are primarily concerned with social and political needs, with conservation taking a back-seat. Thus conservation funding has to be developed on lines that would cater not only to conservation, but also to social and community needs.

Guide to Conservation Finance

The guide throws light on the concept of conservation finance, and its role in procuring diversified sources of revenue for conservation. The guide displays the various innovative financing mechanisms that form the major bulk of conservation finance; these mechanisms include tourism-related taxes and fees, debt-for-nature swaps, and conservation trust funds. The guide highlights the importance of carbon finance that is an extremely important source of conservation finance. Apart from highlighting the role of traditional revenue generating mechanisms like taxes from tourism and recreation, it also shows how mechanisms like compensation payment can be used to promote conservation finance.

The guide explains the various financing mechanisms through short case-studies that clearly demonstrate the challenges faced, as well as success gained through each mechanism. The guide can prove to quite useful for field practitioners as it also provides a list of resources and Websites that are dealing with conservation finance.

You can download the guide from this link. Update: This manual is no longer available at the given link. You can search the internet for it.