Guide on Fundraising for Animal Protection

This is a document on effective fundraising for NGOs working for animal protection. Apart from providing the basic information about raising funds, the document also highlights the need of establishing a harmonious co-relation between the fundraising department and the organizational strategy. The guide aims at providing help to the fundraisers of the organizations, by providing them with detailed explanation of various methods of funding, and simultaneously, keeping them focused on the development goals of their organizations.

The document provides comprehensive information on the various funding sources that are explained by the ‘Three Pillar’ method. It also explains the varied methods of fundraising, directing the fundraisers on how to approach a particular funding source. The document clarifies the importance of developing sustainable funding resources, rather than focusing on looking for funds for a particular project. It shows how the fundraiser can develop donors through the concept of a ‘Donor Pyramid.’

Fundraising for Animal Protection

The document also aims to help the organizations build their reputation, by explaining the role of magazines/ campaign materials and Internet in brand building. However, one of the key features of the document is that it addresses the issues related to funding versus ethics. It touches the common ethical dilemmas faced by organizations, and shows them how to deal with such situations.  The document also provides information on websites and books that can prove to be helpful for organizations working for protection of animals.

You can download the document from this link.