Guide: Fundraising for the Cause of Animals

A guide on fundraising for the cause of animals aims to direct NGOs and individual workers who are engaged in productive work related to protection of animals. The guide provides basic information about fundraising, and gives valuable tips on how to plan effective and practical fundraising plans. The guide is developed keeping in mind the social workers who are in need of constant funds for their animal saving programs, but lack access to sustainable funding resources.

The guide addresses the various issues faced by organizations while raising funds for the animal saving projects. The bigger development organizations have a separate fundraising department, which is usually headed by a fundraiser, but smaller organizations have no such set-up, and the same individual is appointed with varied duties, including those of a fundraiser. The guide aims to help such fundraisers by providing them with basic tips on how to approach the prospective funding organization/individual. It clearly explains the role and duties of the fundraiser, and the basic dos and don’ts in the realm of fundraising.

 Fundraising for Animal Cause

The fundraising guide is beneficial for NGOs working for the cause of animals, as it provides them with information about the various methods of funding available. It expounds the role of trusts, individual supporters, and major donors in providing funds, explaining specific strategies to approach each. The guide also highlights the virtue of organizing events to raise funds. It also has an FAQ section that addresses most of the common issues faced by fundraisers. The guide provides information on other relevant resources, including websites and books that can prove to be helpful to raise funds.

You can download the guide from this link. Update: This manual is no longer available at the given link. You can search the internet for it.