Youth Fundraising Guide

The “GYC Fundraising Guide” developed by Jesse Hawkes, Executive Director, Global Youth Connect (GYC) aims at helping young people raise funds to be a part of Global Youth Connect. The guide informs the aspirants about the goals and activities of GYC, and shows them how to raise funds to cover the contribution that they are expected to make to GYC. Although the guide covers GYC only, yet the tips provided for raising funds are useful in the general context.

The guide provides thorough information on the step-wise mechanism to raise funds. There is a huge youth population that aspires to join GYC that primarily aims to promote universal brotherhood by creating awareness of human rights. However, these young aspirants are usually school or college going students, who lack sufficient funds to contribute to GYC; the guide shows them how to raise the required funds.

GYC Fundraising Guide

The guide helps the aspirants by explaining how to initiate a fundraising campaign. It highlights the importance of setting goals, and making untiring efforts to reach that goal. It directs the youth to create an effective and organized fundraising campaign, by demonstrating the importance of the planning process. The guide also explains the various techniques for fundraising, including writing letter and using local media.

The guide makes the aspirants aware of the various scholarships, fellowships and grants that can greatly boost their funds. The guide also provides sample letters that can be used to write the petitions to prospective funding organization/individual.

You can download the guide from this link.