Strategies and Actions: How to write Proposals on Projects addressing Climate Change

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We have the problem, we have the goal, we have the objectives and we also know the solution. But what about the approach to merge all of these? A strategy will build up a plan for the activities that need to be done to achieve the objectives. It can be building the capacities of the community in planting trees and maintaining forest cover to maximize their livelihood generation or it could be raising awareness on global warming. In this context, activities can be organizing trainings, education classes, awareness workshops, meetings and other dissemination activities.


Our activities can lead to results – both expected and unexpected. Nevertheless, we need to list them out as clearly as possible in our proposals. We expect positive impact over the community through our actions and in this case, it could be a drastic increase in the forest cover, improvement in water-levels, better generation of agricultural crops, improvement in livestock and better food security for the people. But negatively speaking, there may be also unavoidable risks such as natural disasters. These need to be mentioned in the proposals in a clear manner.


Besides the impact, it is also necessary to ensure sustainability and all donors seek sustainability plans for the projects funded. Sustainability is all about projects or project activities continuing even after the end of the support. This involves a whole lot of concepts from community empowerment to ownership to institutional building and management. Proposals need to lay out this plan carefully. Community-based organizations or CBOs are one of the best means for creating sustainability of the intervention.

Trainings should be focused upon strengthening the management capacities of the community so that they can collectively manage the operations without any outside support. Local governmental agencies can also take over projects as another way of sustaining the work or NGOs can seek funding support from new donors to further the process for another few years so that the community becomes fully empowered.