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Importance of Youth Projects and Why NGOs should focus on implementing Projects on Youth Development

In 1985, the United Nations General Assembly defined “youth” as those in between the ages of 14 and 24 and set the goal to assist organisations willing to facilitate the entrance of youth in civil society as a way to promote the creation of new generations of engaged citizens willing to contribute to the strengthening of human rights and equality around the globe.

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In general, it is fair to say that NGOs work towards democracy building by implementing strategies to enhance social justice at the grassroots level. As such, NGOs target selected groups or communities in order to empower them as political actors and work with them to improve their life. Thus, it is of great importance for NGOs to collaborate with and design initiatives for the youth for two main reasons.

First of all, young people are the next generation of leaders and decision makers and, as such, it is important to establish educational programmes in order to discuss with them the importance of disseminating ideas of social, economic, and political justice, human rights, and equality. Second, young people are among the most vulnerable sectors of the population and, as such, NGOs should take care of them and support their entrance to adulthood, to the job market, and generally to society at large.

Since 2009, the main international agencies such as the UN have been developing new strategies for the youth as a consequence of the global economic crisis. A report published by the International Labour organization (ILO) in March 2013 shows that an estimated 73 million young people will be out of work this year.

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Opportunities in the job market are now worse than ever and young people have to face all the problems deriving from being persistently unemployed or underemployed, depending on temporary jobs or on welfare assistance. This is why the coordinator of the ILO Youth Employment Programme, Mr. Rosas, recently appealed to governments and civil society actors to co-operate in order to find solutions for the current precarious status of young citizens. In particular, he called for action in five main areas: employment creation, education and training, targeting the disadvantaged, entrepreneurship, and labour rights.

Funding for Youths

More and more international donors willing to fund projects and programs on youths.

Regardless of the main goals of your NGO and the areas in which you operate, you should consider the targeting young people in your community with the utmost importance.

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First of all, it is important to establish collaboration with them in order to work – on the long term – towards the implementation of strategies able to improve the life of your community. In fact, to engage with young people will ensure that the aims set for your organisation will be taken further by new generations of committed actors.

Second, consider that the current global situation greatly affects young people, who are often discouraged by present difficulties – especially to enter the job market – and make them among the most vulnerable subjects in your community. It is important to develop plans and projects able to make their issues visible so that solutions could be discussed and implemented in collaboration with local and government authorities.



  1. Avatar Jitihada youth education and development cente says

    This is a non governmental organization in Tanzania Kilimanjaro which deal with skills provision to youth and capacity building for women – small and micro entrepreneurs. Which comes from marginalized communities along the slopes of Kilimanjaro. We have been having some volunteers who have been giving us support to all these project so far we have opened the training center which will help the youth to get skills teaching them tourism courses , foreign language and computer training. We are looking fund in the following aspect, computer for training ,salary for instructors,and school fees for these who are real coming from poor family, accommodation for these who will be coming far from the center and learning material for the courses that we have mentioned. Any donation in all the all program that we offer will be appreciated
    Amos lufumbilo

  2. Avatar Jude Nyanzi says

    The ARISE Foundation Uganda is a registered non-profit Life Skills organization based in East Africa in Uganda. ARISE is located in the slum areas of Lukuli Kirombe Makindye District just outside Kampala, Uganda. It was founded in 2008 by Jude Nyanzi raised in Uganda. He got a vision of helping our community by teaching Life Skills to the Troubled Youths.

    To provide life skills and staff training to at-risk youth and the adults who care for them. We enable youths to achieve their highest potential as law abiding citizens through ARISE group sessions conducted by well trained, caring ARISE Facilitators.

    An appropriate, interdenominational service provider to At Risk youths in Uganda which can be extended to and or adopted by regions beyond the borders regardless of race, culture, religion or any other reason.

    ARISE’s mission is to provide young men and women with the tools they need to survive, succeed, and become super-productive members of the society. To reach out to populations in various situations due to natural, occupational, and or otherwise, with training, guidance, counselling and supply of relevant materials pursuant to our goal.

    Core Values
    Integrity and truthfulness, Moral & Work Ethics, Transparency & Accountability.

    Our Objectives

    To provide life skills and staff training to at-risk youth and the adults who care for them. We enable youths to achieve their highest potential as law abiding citizens through ARISE group sessions conducted by well trained, caring ARISE Facilitators.
    To provide care, financial, material, and psycho-social support to persons with disabilities(PWDs), orphans and other vulnerable children(OVCs) in the context of their families.
    To support Education Service provision to underserved communities.
    To initiate and support sustainable livelihood initiatives focused on most at risk populations and their respective caregivers.
    To support promotion of marital fidelity among young marrieds and couple HIV counselling testing and referral.
    To build partnerships and collaboration with other organisations with similar aspirations.
    To recognise people who excel in various talents/professions/vocations as an inspiration to the young people.
    To create awareness and do advocacy on various issues like health, human rights and environment.
    To participate in both local and international meetings and forums in line with the activities of the organisation.
    To promote business excellence and entrepreneurship especially among marginalised people groups like the young people.

  3. Avatar mutie stephen says

    Am stephen kimeu 25yrs from kenya and a leather technician from AHITI kabete and am looking for donors to help me to start a small company for leather goods so far i have 3 young men whom i have trained and they are doing well as shoe cobblers in Nairobi. I have strugled and now i have a manual belt strap cutter, manual sewing machine and 2 original leather stamping tools and other tools used in leather goods manufacture. For the intrest of changing the lives of young ones on creating jobs for them i sincerely look for help in funding of machines used in leather goods manufacturing.

  4. Avatar Edwin Muchalanje says

    My name is Edwin Muchalanje lm from Zimbabwe, lm working on a comunity based organization called Transform and Escort which aims to transform the lives of young people from self destruction behaviour crossing over to admirable behaviour and giving hope to the hopless while guiding them to their dreams. We are looking for support and funding

  5. Avatar gifawosen markos says

    Hi I am from Ethiopia.I am one of the founder of An organization entitled Green Alliance.We are youths aged between 24-26.We sincerely request your support to make our organization strong and achieve its intended objective.

  6. Avatar Arnold Masanja says

    We are young Tanzanian organized ourselves and formed an NGO called Tanzania Youth Heritage Organization (TAYOHO) working on heritage awareness raising for youth and conservation in Tanzania. We are committed to keep our heritage sustainable.

  7. Avatar Abu Bakarr Kamara says

    I am always interested in helping youths and children in my country. All i am saying is that people should help those who are in need without funding from any NGO. For instance i am a college student and am a first year student but am still helping few people. I have three children in the primary school who i help in school. i buy books for them and i also provide lunch for them. I know some people may am have money trust me i dont have any money i do all this out of my lunch. It jst dat i enjoy doing this. sometimes i give them the last money i have

  8. Avatar Y Care International says

    Great to see this, and we agree that working with young people is so valuable! Many of the points raised actually reflect our approach to empowering young people and their communities.

    Best wishes
    Y Care International

  9. Avatar omorinoye kayode says

    The overriding objective of our foundation is to identify, inspire and empower rural children and teenagers with access to basic primary, secondary and tertiary education.
    Specific objective include:
    1. To connect rural children and teens to school of their choice and engage teachers in providing counseling and monitoring of truancy among pupils and students
    2. To give skill acquisition program to school dropout who could not continue with school as a result of financial decline.
    We have a plan to help 200 pupils/student in this 2013/2014 academic session.
    we look forward for assistance to achieve this goal before July 2013

  10. Avatar Godfrey Kalozwa says

    we are CYD (Centre for Youth and development) we want to establish the program called Ku youth where youth will meet and share experinces of youth

  11. Avatar wataka william says

    Kiryandongo youth forum an organization situated in Mid Western Uganda we deal in health awareness and imparting skills on modern methods of farming majoring in green house farming and aquaculture to ensure the youth are self employed, if supported the youth in the area can perform very well because of its strategic geographical location on the Great North Highway. We appreciate the trainings we have had with ILO in SYIB

  12. Avatar naftali mutahi says

    Kenya youth development foundation[kydf] youth lead organization for non profit, legally registered in Nairobi,KENYA.
    Its aim is to reclaiming the youth through entrepreneurship and business development.
    WORKS IN NAIROBI SLUMS and central Kenya.
    Together with help self help center[hshc] we have established enterprise development center[EDC] in mt Kenya area.
    This has resulted in bio -diesel production, job creation and reclaiming mt Kenya [a united nation declared heritage site]through enhancement of NON WOOD FORESTS PRODUCTS USE.
    This [concept]is something sustainable and scalable in other adjacent to forests communities world widwde.

    naftali mutahi

  13. Avatar Royal baloch says

    Please help us we are working for education and health & hygiene in balochistan because both of these are in very bad condition .Waiting for your kind help thanks.

    Royal Khetran Baloch.

  14. Avatar m,fairoos says

    dear sir,
    the pearls is a local ngo in srilanka. we eed funde for implementing a youth development in earlier refugees communities in srilanka..the youth have not any capcity for there standaed life.
    please mention it.

  15. Avatar Kizito Martin says

    to advocate for the youth is a great stride that that the donors have taken. in Uganda where us the government has tried its best, many youth seem to be lost and dont know what to do. please come for the rescue of the youths otherwise the world will have no potential leaders in a few years to come.

  16. Avatar Organization for Youth and Social Development-OYSD says

    Organization for Youth and Social Development is non-government, non profitable and non political organization.

    Organization for Youth and Social Development is nongovernement and non profitable organization that has always carried out challenging activities that are always unique in nature but the process should not limit to the creative project but they should aim at exploring new ideas for fresh initiatives that can be taken within the existing resources and help in making programs/ projects more yielding and moving towards the achievement of the common goal.

    Organization need funded project on youth .

    Best Regards


    • Hello,
      How are you and your family? please through research that i saw your profile,
      please i am interested for possible partnership because i an operating an orphanage and school in Ghana. please i will like to send you the details of my project to you
      please i hope to hear from you soon
      Mahama A Laari
      The proprietor and host family.

  17. Avatar Paul Chinyimba says

    Youth Advocates for Change is a pure youth-led Community Based Organisation formed on 4 November 2009 and formerly registred in 2010 on 18 January.
    the organisation is working with youths in championing Male Circumcision and Child Marriage,child protection and gender based violence
    the organisation have developed whole the systems and have developed its first strategic plan up to 2016. link us to any donor who may be available and interested in funding our strategic plan

  18. Avatar Paul Chinyimba says

    Youth Advocates for Change is a pure youth-led Community Based Organisation formed on 4 November 2009 and formerly registred in 2010 on 18 January.
    the organisation is working youths in championing Male Circumcision and Child Marriage
    the organisation have developed whole the systems and have developed ist first strategic plan up to 2016. link us to any donor who may be available and interested in funding our strategic plan

  19. Avatar Ilias Siddiqui says

    World Youth Bank – Latin American Coordination, Santa Cruz – Bolivia most welcome the INITIATIVE.

    Contact : wyb[at]programmer[dot]net

    Ilias Siddiqui, Coordinator ( Charge-de-Affairs ) for Latin America

  20. Avatar Peter Mulungu says

    Bliss Green Generation (BGG) is a youth-led non governmental organization with its headquarters in Mpanda, Tanzania-South West of the country aimed to empower unemployed youth, advocate for human rights and environmental conservation in Katavi region and Tanzania in general. We aim to empower the youth by initiating income generating activities.One of challenges we face is lack of fund to finance projects, Mpanda district and Katavi region in general is endowed with fertile soil suitable for crop production, plenty of pastures and water which are necessary for livestock keeping and also it is characterized by tropical forests where beekeeping is conducted. We accept fund from donors who are willing to cooperate with us in empowering the youth in Katavi region, one of the remote areas in Tanzania with low level of development.”Let others smile”.

  21. Avatar Vision for Youth says

    To empower the next generation thats an awesome job the donors are doing.
    Thanks very much, By Violet Ayoub from Vision for Youth- Arusha,Tanzania.

  22. Avatar Leman Kayira says

    Loudon Projects is looking for grant funds to run a tailoring project for the youth in Malawi. We have 12 sewing machines just staying idle. We would like to engage a designer, and a tailoring expert. We have no place to where we could use as a Vocational skills center where youths could be learning. Please, could some organisation help us please?

  23. Avatar hudson maranga says

    Center for Community Mobilization and Empowerment is a non profit organization operating in the western part of Kenya. The organization runs a social – economic empowerment project which targets to create employment to the vulnerable and unemployed youth in this part of the country. the project identifies the beneficiaries,trains them on basic business skills, and give them some start up capital to initiate income generating activities. In this manner,we have enabled over 200 youth earn a living thus enabling them sustain their families.

    For this reason, we request you to link us to any donor who can support us in this project so as to be able to continue supporting more unemployed youths in the society.

  24. Avatar Professor Anthony Ebeigbe says

    At GEIFON, we have a programme that targets youths and prepare them for academic scientific careers. We will be glad to be linked with potential donors interested in building the capacity of young people in developing countries to pursue scientific careers.

    Thank you.

  25. Avatar Brenda René Hubbard says

    The Association CoCoSI, a youth and now young adult run organization, is located in the mountains of Northern El Salvador bordering with Honduras. This youth organization works in AIDS, STD, LGBTI, and Violence Against Womyn education and prevention. These young folks work with Sex Workers, impoverished persons and in rural communities where hate crimes and discrimination begins at home. The prison work these young folks carry out has received National attention. My comment is that as hard as these young folks work, for very little money, we are seeing a reduction in funding coming to Latin America, and page does not offer Grants and Resources for our region of the world. Also, all of your information is in English. Your Webinars are not free. If anyone out there has any ideas of where else we could look please let us know!

  26. Avatar Haider Ali says

    Noble Foundation (NF) is a non-profit organization registered under Section 42, The Joint Stock Companies Ordinance 1984 in Gilgit-Baltistan. The organization is a response to the emerging needs of society and intends to raise the voice of those who are unheard.

    Noble Foundation is an initiative of youth belonging to one of the remotest regions of Gilgit-Baltistan. The founders of this organization are currently working with various institutions of repute in Gilgit town. However, there is a genuine point in establishing a registered organization. It is a felt reality that institutions exist with various objectives but sometimes they tend to loose focus on most deserving areas such as Chipursan valley where even today people don’t have telephone facility. It is such an area where communities live in harsh conditions be it the natural environment or the social condition. Noble Foundation is a timely call in a situation where the communities in Chipursan as well as in other remote areas such a Ishkoman and other rural areas of Gilgit- Baltistan need services of such organizations. To this end, NF does not deny existence of other organizations neither it is to replace any particular organization. Rather, we believe in coordinated efforts, synergies and linkages.
    To promote a pluralistic and tolerant society where equitable opportunities to realize innate potentials are available.

    To provide opportunities of learning, caring and sharing to all segments of society with special focus on the special people, disadvantaged groups and poorest of the poor individuals/groups.

    Core values:
    NF believes in equitable services to communities without any discrimination of race, ethnicity or any other factor of social division. We believe in rights based approach to development i.e. working for communities while keeping in mind the rights of children, women, special people and other marginalized communities. We believe in transparent and fair systems of governance and management which are basic factors of a sound organization
     To conceive, materialize, implement and monitor programs/projects aimed at poverty alleviation, social development, skill development and education specifically for marginalized people.
     To document, preserve and disseminate knowledge pertaining to projects and make sure that local communities get the most benefit from these efforts.
     To empower disadvantaged groups through multi-sector development approach while focusing education, health and skill development in particular regions where people are most hit by poverty.
    Areas of special focus for Noble Foundation are as following:

     Special Child Education
     Education and Research
     Social Infrastructure and Human Resource Development
     Rural Support Program
     Health Services
     Sports
     Culture and Heritage
     Charity
     Arts, Science and Literature
     Rehabilitation
     Widows and Children of Shuhadah
    Strategic directions:
    Though NF is at its nascent stages, the governing body of this organization is very much cognizant of the fact that proper planning is required for successful and smooth operations of the organization. In this connection, NF is in the process of developing a baseline in the target areas where projects are needed. Based on the same data, a strategy workshop will be organized where short-term, medium-term and long-term targets will be set. However, in the near future, NF will focus on projects intended for special people belonging to the remote areas such as Chipursan valley. The affectees of recent natural disasters are also being seriously considered in terms of rehabilitation work.
    NF is a platform which emanates from the grassroots and its impacts will be long lasting for some of the remotest communities. The strength of the organization comes from its committed members who are working for a cause. These are the people who realize the harsh realities of life amongst communities. However, the most challenging factor is lack of financial resources. NF needs finance, in the first place to develop its own base and also to implement projects of merit and greater impacts. Despite crunch of resources, the founders of NF are very much convinced about the potentials of this organization to grow fast.

  27. Avatar Women Against Violence & Exploitation in Society (WAVES) says

    We are grooming newly established youth groups who are talented in their own way. we would love to have a donor who will help us to strengthen the capacity of these youths in their field of talents and provide them with new skills to sustain them for gainful employment.

  28. Avatar Appiah Kwadwo Benjamin says

    Freeworld International is a non profit organization operating in the eastern region of Ghana, fighting against diseases and poverty. we recently completed a proposal on empowering the youth and we plan to implement this idea in September, 2013. it is about equipping the youth with skills, funding them and creating a market for their product. we want to know if there is a donor you can link us to. we would be grateful if you could connect us to the ones who might be interested in this idea and then we take it from there. our main reason for putting this idea together is to reduce unemployment.thanks

  29. i am willing to learn project management cources at my home place. I need an opportunity.

  30. Avatar Sylanda Severino says

    Its very good to have an international youth funding program as we are looking forward that this opportunity we reach even to our grassroots youth lead organization in the third worlds especially in Tabora Tanzania.
    Thank you!

  31. Avatar Maserole Annah Kgomo says

    I wish to appreciate all donors for youth Development in all fields. In South Africa we do have Cooperatives that encopasses all project dealing with the youth. I wonder if cooperatives are not included in grants as they operate same way as NGO,S, and is in the same status as NGO. Secondly, i am just getting , now resently ,aquantented with fundsorngos. May i qualify for grand for my cooperative?

  32. Avatar People's Participation says

    We are working to empower the youth in our societry for last six years; we also train them through different vocational training throrugh private Engineering institutions and engae them in job. Life Skill Planning-Counseling- Story Telling are some of the methods we are using for it.

  33. Avatar Tabrani Yunis says

    Now, most young people just spend their times sitting in the coffee shops in Aceh, Indonesia. What do you think we can do?

    Best Regards

    Tabrani Yunis