Programme Expenditure Monitoring Form {4.5 F(4) – 04} – Sample Admin Forms for Small NGOs

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Who will use:        The programme-in-charge will use this form.

When to use:       At the end of a specific programme like training, workshop, seminar or exposure list, any such programme where financial monitoring is required. At the end of each programme along with all supporting documents, the statement has to be prepared.

How to use: All indirect expenses like materials received form store / inventory will also reflect for which the cost details may be availed from accounts department.

As usual all other direct expenditure incurred during the programme should reflect in the relevant box. Advance received should be deducted for the total & balance figure to reflect. The cost per participant reflects by dividing Total Cost to the number of participants, which is the essence of the monitoring format.

Programme Monitoring Form

You can download this sample form from here.