What is a project rationale in a proposal?

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A project rationale is an argument in favor of implementing the proposed project by your organization. It gives a detailed explanation of why the project is required in the area. In other words, it describes the issues and problems the community is facing and how your organization and the proposed project will address them with the funding support expected from the donor. This section of the proposal can be very crucial because it is here that you need to convince the funder that why it is absolutely necessary to get the grant for implementing the project.

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This section of the proposal is also referred to as project background since it gives an idea of what has been happening in the area prior to implementing the project. You can also refer to this section as the ‘problem statement’ since it analyzes the problem in an in-depth manner.

An important part of this section should be a short description of your organization. After the donor has read and understood the problems and issues of the area, it may want to know why your organization is the best choice for addressing them. In the description of the organization, make sure you refer to your previous projects implemented similarly and/or you can highlight the innovative idea you have for this project.

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