Reflecting on the Structure of the report and Prepare a Format

Though different reports may be required to be put in different or sometimes specific structures, generally you must include the following in your report in the same order as given below:

  • Title of the report: This is the first page of your report. Many people do not go for a separate sheet as the cover page considering it as wastage of paper, but this is the first thing that the reader reads in the report. Hence it is better to add a cover page to your report including the title of your report with the appropriate picture. That helps making your report catchy and creates an interest in the reader to read the report. However you may avoid going for a cover page while writing meeting minutes.
  • Content list: You must include the table of contents with the page numbers, especially if the report is large one.
  • Abstract: Abstract is something you should write after you write the whole report but should be placed in the beginning of the report. For writing the abstract, read the whole report and try to bring out the essence of your report and put it in words as abstract of the report. Try to keep it short.
  • Introduction: Instead of jumping straight to the report of events or progress or the activities, do give an introduction. In the introduction, you should start with the background of the problem. Then write the problem statement itself, what motivates you to solve the problem i.e. why it is important to solve the problem and how are you trying to solve it through your project. In short, introduction is nothing but a short description of your project and how the particular activity about which you are reporting relates to the objective or the goal of the project. After giving a description of the work, write how is the rest of the report organized. It gives the reader an idea of your work and he/she reads your report in the backdrop of your introduction. The length of introduction again depends on the objective of the report and intended audience as well as the length of the report itself. It is not a good practice to give an introduction of one page for a two or three pages report.
  • Main body of the report: After introduction, you may start the main body of your report i.e. the report on the events or activities about which you are reporting.
  • Conclusion: It is very important to conclude your report. In the conclusion, you may add the main take away points, what was the result of your work, how your work has contributed towards making this world a better place. Conclusion should be crispy.
  • Summary: If your report is very detailed and complex one, append a report summary at the end of the report. In the summary, state the purpose of the report, scope of the report, its key findings and the results


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