Report: Importance and Need of International Funding

‘International Fundraising: Now More Important Than Ever?’ is a report displaying the results of a small-scale survey that was conducted to gauge the importance of International funding for the NGOs. The report has been developed by Ankita Suri for Philantropia Inc, a consultancy firm that deals with international fundraising and philanthropy. The report shows that most of the NGOs depend on across-the-border funding for their development projects.

The report is based on a survey that was conducted to find whether NGOs were gaining any benefit from international funding. The NGOs that received funds from other countries and those that did not were made a part of the survey. The survey focused on the future plans of the NGOs to raise funds, and the allocation of resources to increase their capacity.

The report exhibits the response of various NGOs to queries regarding their general fundraising strategy, and their interest in using funds donated by international organizations.  The NGOs were asked whether there was any tangible effect of the economic crisis on their fundraising efforts, and what did they know about international fundraising opportunities in future.

 International Fundraising

The report shows that most of the NGOs were interested in gaining funds from cross-border sources, as they wanted to have varied fund sources. According to the report, most of these organizations were optimistic about having more opportunities from International funding organizations.

The report is based on a small-scale survey, where a limited number of NGOs were involved; thus, it may have some errors. However, it gives an important insight on the importance of International funding for NGOs.

You can download the report from this link.