Sample Job Description for NGO Fundraising Staff

Below is a sample job description that can be used as terms of reference for an NGO staff assigned with the responsibility of raising funds for the organization.

Position: Fundraising Assistant

Reporting to: Director

Objective: To provide assistance to the head or the board of the organization in identifying donor resources, raising funds and writing proposals for long-term organizational sustainability.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Compile and maintain a database of international and local donor organizations (international foundations, bilateral and multilateral agencies and private corporations offering donations)
  • Regularly monitor donor websites and identify and inform donor opportunities matching the work of the organization
  • Maintain a website and regularly update it with information about organization’s work
  • Assist the Director in writing concept notes, project ideas and project proposals and ensure their timely submission
  • Undertake independent research in finding alternative resources for long-term sustainability of the organization
  • Assist the Director in developing business plans to generate income from various sources.
  • Undertake online research and build contacts with potential individual donors and raise funds for the activities of the organization.
  • Maintain relationships with existing donors and respond to their requests regularly and keep updating them about the work of the organization
  • Improve and develop communications material for the organization such as brochure, website, annual report, DVD, poster etc.
  • Organize or provide assistance in organizing any fundraising events for the organization
  • Suggest other innovative ideas for effective resource mobilization.

—End of Job Description—

Remember that the list of tasks given above is in addition to any other work you have assigned for the person. Since the organization will be expecting more out of the person, it is natural that his or her salary should be fixed accordingly. This can be a small investment compared to hefty amounts of money paid to external fundraising consultants who may still fail to bring any funding for your organization.

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