Statement of Expenditure Form {4.5 F (1) – 01} – Sample Admin Forms for Small NGOs

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Who will use: This is a monthly expenditure statement of a periodical branch or branch office or camp office. The head of the unit will prepare the statement.

When to use: Every month, the head of the unit will prepare the statement.

How to use:  The head of the unit will collect all reimbursable claim statements from each individual staff along with the vouchers. All details will be consolidated through this & will be submitted to head office accounts department.

In the first box the remuneration of each staff will be mentioned according to seniority A-12-3 etc.

In the second box whoever is A-1 his reimbursable claim according to ‘B’ box break up will be posted, then the total box will be sum up for grand total.

Statement of Exp

You can download this sample form from here.