Statement of tour expenses & Claim Form {4.5 F (2) – 02} – Sample Admin Forms for Small NGOs

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Who will use : Any staff / consultant going on tour for more than one day (one night) will have to use this form. All tour expense particulars along with all the vouchers of the specific period will have to be noted down in relevant format.

When to use : At the end of the tour details along with all vouchers will have to be submitted.

How to use : The statement will have to be filled up project wise / unit wise. The details about conveyance, accommodation, other extensions during the stay, local conveyance charges etc have to be filled up. The individual section computed has to be sum up in the Total Claim box along with all relevant documents mentioned above have to be submitted to the immediate authority, who in turn will verify all the documents.

Statement of Tour Expenses for NGOs

Statement of Tour Expenses

 You can download this sample form from here.