Toolkit for Mobilizing Resources for HIV/AIDS Workers

A new toolkit, entitled, ‘Raising Funds and Mobilising Resources for HIV/AIDS Work,’ was developed by Alliance that supports community action on AIDS in developing countries. The toolkit is a part of a series of toolkits and handbooks that draw from the practical technical support experience of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance (the Alliance), their partners and other organizations. The toolkit is developed to help people and organizations that promote and support NGOs or CBOs that are associated with HIV/AIDS work in developing countries.

The aim of the toolkit is to support NGO support programs, training institutions and individual trainers by guiding them on how to mobilize resources and raise funds. The toolkit is also beneficial as with its help, NGOs or CBOs can themselves implement training within their organizations.

 Raising Funds and Mobilizing Resources for HIV/AIDS Work

This toolkit is designed to help NGOs/ CBOs plan and implement the mobilization of resources in a more strategic way, so that they can reap maximum benefits from their resources, and help them remain focused on the mission. The toolkit presents information and skills-building activities to guide the NGOs and CBOs that are concerned with HIV/AIDs work, so that they can build their skills and confidence.

You can download the toolkit from this link.