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USIP’s Free Online Certificate Courses in Peace and Conflict Management

The Academy for International Conflict Management and Peacebuilding at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) through its distance learning program provides courses in peace and conflict resolution. Many of these courses are free and they can be easily accessed online. Besides, USIP offers electronic certificates for certain courses to trainees who successfully pass course exams online. Some of these courses are also available in Arabic, Farsi and Spanish.

While these courses can be relevant to students studying peace and conflict studies, they can be extremely useful for NGOs and other agencies in developing countries to understand conflict management and learn lessons from around the world and contribute their own experiences. As these courses have been developed in an interactive manner, trainees will get several opportunities to share their ideas. For those who cannot access internet continuously, the courses also provide pdf versions of the curriculum which can be downloaded and viewed offline. There are also Question & Answer sessions in the course which will help trainees to check their own progress of learning.

What more! At the end of specified courses, there will be a certificate exam, also to be conducted online. If trainees pass this exam, they will be awarded with an electronic certificate.

Currently, USIP’s Education and Training Online program has four online courses open for anyone to study for free. These courses are:

  • Introduction to Conflict Analysis
  • Introduction to Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • Introduction to Interfaith Conflict Resolution
  • Introduction to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

As you can see, three out of the currently available four courses offer certificates. So NGOs sitting in remote developing countries can avail this opportunity to learn and gain recognized certificates without paying any fee or traveling long distances.  To start attending the courses, visit this link.

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  1. Ranjan Kumar Dahal says:

    First of all, thanks for this free online course on conflict management. I work for security service and this course will be of much significance for me as i ve to deal with from subtle to very complicated cases of conflicts as part of my daily work. So I just like to know how to get started?
    Thank you.

  2. Leonard Ndikiminwe says:

    Thank you again for us this course on line free of charge.I found them very useful for me and my work.
    In addition to some certificate awarded to me at the completion of the course i still interested to learn in peace and conflict management.
    I would very much appreciate if you can send me the course page and enrollment key
    yours sincerely

  3. Olasupo nurudeen says:

    I wish to enrol for this course and ishall be very grateful if you could over me this conflict and peace resolution course

  4. I will like to register for one of your class,


  5. A.T.M Rashedur Rahman says:

    Dear sir,
    It will be my immense pleasure to attend this course i belong to the rural area of Bangladesh and currently working in an NGO, I am sure this training programme will enhance my skills and will make me able to achieve career goals.

    Your kind consideration will be highly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.

    A.T.M Rashedur Rahman

  6. abdulrahman abdullahi says:

    hi,i have registered for your online courses read the note and took its online exam for conflict analysis. at first i failed by attaining 52% but when i repeated and passed i could not able to receive my certificate. please help me thank you

  7. odewenu bolaji says:

    i am so interested in the programme. please i will so happy if you can send all the necessary information to my email address as soon as possible.

  8. prem sagar says:

    Dear sir,
    it will be my immense pleasure to attend this course i belong to the rural area of Pakistan and currently working in an NGO, I am sure this training programme will enhance my skills and will make me able to achieve career goals.
    Your kind consideration will be highly appreciated…

  9. Michael Lucas Nkoba says:

    How can I apply and join for certificate course in peace and conflict management. I am a secondary teacher in Tanzania with a B.A.Ed in geography,Political Science and Public Administration.

  10. Myself is doctor and want to take part in your programme.

  11. kwami edem aflakpui says:

    am from Ghana and would like to be part of this online conflict management course.if given the opportunity to undertake this course, i hope it will help me to sometimes help resolve some minor internal conflicts that arises in our daily life.
    i hope to hear from you soon

  12. sudhakar shahi says:

    We are working in slume area in Varanasi, U.P.(India).I waant two join your course.

  13. Dr.Gulzar says:

    Dear All,
    Have a nice day and Happy New Year to all of you.
    I am from a Local Organisation from Pakistan and awant to know about this course for some of our staff members.
    Please give me a guide line how to improve our skills and how to apply from our organization side. Thanking you.

  14. RONALD OSIALAI says:

    I am aKenyan community social worker who interacts with people of different tribes .Having experienced the post election violence in Kenya in the last general elections,iam very much intersted in pursuing both Conflict Analysis and Negotiation and Conflict Management Courses. This will improve my skills while serving the community.
    Please get me enroled as soon as possible.

    Thank you

  15. James Ocaya Oballim says:

    Am a Ugandan persuing Masters in Conflict transformation in one of the Universities here in Uganda. i am very much interested in enrolling for the online certificate program especially for conflict analysis.

    Thanks for the generous offer.
    James Ocaya Oballim

  16. I am interested in this course and will help me a because I am currently involved in community development. I will like to know how do I get started.

  17. moses nduguti wanja says:

    I have already increased interest in this like Tom from kenya my country. can i please know how to get started and when and ie possible get Toms contact. i gonna pursue the course i need it please.

  18. AMABO Divine says:

    I feel so more than interested in this course and would like continual update.

  19. i want to do this course .let me know the process of registration

  20. shahid ali bhatti says:

    i am interested in this course

  21. Natnael Yonas says:

    I am Natnael Yonas from Ethiopia. I grew up in the sponsorship project called “compassion International Ethiopia”. I hold a bachelor degree and currently working for Ethiopian Guenet church and walfare organization as a child sponsorship, Orphan and Vulnerable care and support projects director. We are striving and working hard to change our more than thousands of children future life. Now I have succesfully passed the entrance exam and registered to study my MA in Leadership and management at Addis Ababa University. I am very interested to apply. So that, I would be grateful if you could let me know how I can apply.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank yu very much and God bless you.
    Natnael from Ethiopia

  22. Segawa Paul says:

    Please thanks for this opportunity but how can i register?

  23. Joseph Saber Foaban says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. How do I register to take these great courses. Please kindly advice me.

    Regards & New Year Wishes.

  24. Tom Ombogo says:

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Tom from Kenya. I would like to thank the director Education and Training at USIP for availing these important courses to us. I have successfully completed a course in Conflict Analysis and was awarded a Certificate. Currently I am almost finishing the next course in Negotiation and Conflict Management. Thanks once again.


  25. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am interested for
    Free Online Certificate Courses in Peace and Conflict Management, so please let me know how I could be registered my self for this course.

    Thank You


  26. Debasis Lenka says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am interested for
    Free Online Certificate Courses in Peace and Conflict Management, so please let me know how I could be registered my self for this course.

    Thank You


  27. Andrew Daramy says:

    Hi please i am happy for such an opportunity but how would i register if i am to enrole and are there any requirments?

    thanks very much

  28. Siraj ul Haq says:

    I am working in an NGO SAVE THE GLOBE PAKISTAN.This is a very good opportunity to acquire skills through the online course program, as community workers to help our societies in resolving conflicts.Please send me course contents.

  29. Anna Olajide says:

    I am disappointed in the exam body for this free online course. I have spent a week writing the exam on conflict analysis, 1st got 36%, 2nd got 56% and today I got all the answers correct, and yet got an unbelievable reply of “sorry you did not pass”
    I think the exam board do not really want to give any free certificate, but just to waste peoples time.
    I am shocked and disappointed.

  30. Deedar Daudpota says:

    Dear Sir,I am the Patron SINDHI AIKTA ASSOCIATION. Please let me know how can our Association members’ avail this opportunity to get trained. Thus, we can serve people in better way. It will be grat favour to us.
    Thank you,

  31. Pervaiz Tunio says:

    I belong to Sindh Rural, Pakistan. I am working mainly with the village people so I am interested to participated in such online course.

    Pervaiz Tunio

  32. Roshan Mehta says:

    I belongs to a NGo Named Rural Youth Forum Nepal. I am working mainly with the village people so I am interested to participated in such online cources. thank you

  33. Anita Shrestha says:

    Im keen to participate in this conflict management course!!! but how can i register for it?? please help!!!

  34. akmal kalyar says:

    ya m interested bt send me detail how to join

  35. This is very helpful
    I would like to do the course in conflict management




  37. Dear All

    please kindly let me know how to take part in this wonderful program
    hope will hear from you soon

    Mina Kodjoe

  38. luca m ole rikoyan says:

    Dear respondents,
    I am interested in joining the course but would like to get it on the pdf format. I work in rural drylands pastoral community in northern Tanzania. so it is sometimes hard to participate the tit and tat online discussion. I am highly interested in these courses. what can i do?

  39. Abdikafi Yusuf says:

    Thanks for your course, I am fully interested it to participate,please send me the details of the course. Thanks.

  40. Bhakta Bahadur K.C says:

    I am interested for certificate courses in Peace and Conflict Management.
    please enroll me and inform me to start.
    Bhakta Bahadur K.C
    All Nepal Public Care Society Nepal.

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