What is Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) and why is it important? -2

An LFA is a management tool for effective planning and implementation of developmental projects. It provides clear, concise and systematic information about a project through a framework. We know about various components of a project such as goal, objectives, activities, results and indicators. The LFA helps in connecting all these components in one framework, presenting the tight relationship between them, leading to the achievement of the expected outcomes.

Why is LFA so important?

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Because donors use it. It was first actually developed by USAID during the 1970s, but now every donor is using it in its proposal format. The logframe has become an essential tool for donors not only in planning their own macro-level strategies, but also in seeking in-depth information about small and medium-sized projects funded by them. LFA also gives a clear outlay of how much resources would be needed and how these will be used for various project activities.

The logical framework also aids in the monitoring and evaluation of projects. The framework can be used to examine the progress of the project and co-relate the activities carried out and results achieved.


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