How to apply for UNDP’s Small Grants Programme in Your Country

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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) established the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) to provide financial and technical support to projects that conserve and restore the environment while enhancing people’s well-being and livelihoods.

The programme provides grants of up to $50,000 directly to local communities including indigenous people, community-based organizations and other NGO groups for projects in Biodiversity, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Land Degradation and Sustainable Forest Management, International Waters and Chemicals.

Climate Change

Currently, SGP is in its fifth operational Phase (2011-2014) and is leveraging the experiments, experiences, and achievements of the past two decades to further explore innovative and improved responses to the great variety of evolving needs at local and country levels. To date, the GEF Small Grants Programme has invested $450million and leveraged similar levels of co financing supporting over 14,500 community based projects in over 125 countries.

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  1. Mehboob Ali says:

    we have an Organization recently registered ..we have good humanitarian work and activities . regarding woman education ,woman vote awareness ,and early child marriage ….as we are living in pakistan khyber pukhtoon khowa disritct charsadda. and here in our district women are in really trouble by theer men even not allowing for jobs and education
    our organization (BADLOON) change is working in awareness in this regards but we have not facilities and sources to work properly so we need support in this regard…

  2. Augustine Elogima Sandy says:

    Hi Colleagues in the service,
    Education Watch Sierra Leone (EW-SL), is a Civil Society and Education Advocacy organization formed to complement government and donor partners efforts in promoting access to and quality education service delivery in rural communities in Sierra Leone as we all know education is the key to success.
    The outbreak of Ebola in the country has broken our social relationship, the fabric and norms including our economy. Evidently, Ebola has vastly reduced our human resources and created family vacuum at every household in our communities. Furthermore, it has imposed on community people abject poverty, before the Ebola crisis in the country; it has been very hard for parents to afford their children to complete the Basic Education Certificate Examination in remote communities. More so when children in these communities have lost both their parents through the Ebola crisis.
    As colleagues in the humanitarian field, how can we all contribute to the development of these unfortunate children in Sierra Leone.
    Best Regards
    Augustine Elogima Sandy.
    Executive Director.

  3. Health and Nutrition Development Society (HANDS) responses to increased human suffering in the Horn of Africa regions special SCZ. The organization aims to address challenges faced in these regions, including: drought, scarcity of water, gender inequality, human rights abuses, and lack of health and education infrastructure, and environmental protection. organisation want to provide financial and technical support to projects that conserve and restore the environment while enhancing people’s well-being and livelihoods. we need to apply for this small funds.
    Muktaar Ahmed

  4. richie baio says:

    We are a small NGO based in the eastern part of Sierra Leone where the Ebola virus cause many damage. But as the number of our new confirmed case is reducing, we want to engage in psychosocial counselling to break this tromer on our affected and effected people. So we need funds for this project. Please help me with a value email to send my proposal.

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Richie,
      The last article in this series has the the link through which you can proceed with application.
      We wish you Good Luck!

  5. Ghulam Haider says:

    Our Welfare Association namely NESP TRUST can’t pay, but we want to obtain Premimum Membership. Is it possible

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Ghulam,

      The premium membership subscription charge is set to the minimum so more NGOs can benefit from our service. There is high investment in part of fundsforNGOs in terms of technical and human resources. Besides, we offer special discounts at times and provide the whole year of service in discounted rate. So we can’t provide the subscription for free. Please learn about the benefits of premium membership –
      Thank you!

  6. john Baptist ongom says:

    currently we are helping orphans and infants of HIV/AIDS deceased parents in orom sub. county in kitgum district, northern Part of Uganda. The subcounty has the highest numbers of orphans as results of HIV/AIDS and currently we are the only community based organisation called Future Children Foundation. We are requesting donors to come in and urgently help in so we can change lives of these orphans and of course the whole community as a whole.

  7. The link to the UNDP info on small grants and how to apply seems to be faulty – I can’t go to it by logging in to my FUndsforngos account. Can you fix it? – ps using a Macbook air

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Cliff,
      The link is working right. Please try again. You can use any device to access the information.
      Thank you!

  8. CARE is driven by unprecedented necessity to implement an innovative project on public counselling center [PCC] in India to ensure transparency in all activities to make development process more dynamic and expedite and bring the people at the grass-root level more closer to the functioning of governance through holistic approach and as such we are in need of funds of 15 crores for implementing the project in India. Kindly suggest me for raising funds from international society.

  9. abdul waheed ch says:

    Our Welfare Association namely National Youth Welfare Association can’t pay, but we want to obtain Premimum Membership. Is it possible.

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Abdul,

      Premium membership is access to our huge donor database; sample proposals that were successful in attracting major donors for their projects which means you can create an effective proposal for your cause and attract relevant donors to make that sustainable; fundraising guides guiding you through approaching the donors, conducting fundraising activities and more; training videos that train you through fundraising activities and strategic planning to make your organization and project sustainable. More you will receive funding alerts in your inbox prior to general users to keep you ahead of rest of the world in approaching relevant donor. These are only few of our features.
      We need huge human resource, technical and time investment in providing the premium members with these services. The premium membership fee we charge is the expenses we make in providing the service. So, we are not able to provide free membership.
      Thank you!

  10. BAAY & BAKOL Relief Development & Resettelment Organization is remarkable within the community specially in assisting orphans, widow girls, aged people, indigents, and displaced people. We want to submit funding project proposal on youth socio-economic development centers in BBARDO Somalia.

  11. Dr. Herbert says:

    We have a project for children orphaned by Ebola outbreak that swept across West Africa. The project known as Sainthood Orphanage and Childcare is intended to cover Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. We urgently need foreign donors to come in! Thank you.

  12. Barbara Paz says:

    Does the NGO Premium membership offered right now for 50% also include all of the webinars that you hold throughout the year?
    What does it NOT include?

    thank you very much,

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hi Barbara, the premium members who subscribe through the usual gateway ($199 for developing countries and $399 for developed countries) get to participate in one (single) webinar of their choice for free. Those who subscribe through the year-end discount offer right now must pay the webinar charge if they want to participate in any. But the premium members have access to training videos that we upload and update regularly.
      Thank you!

  13. Monsam Olakunle says:

    I have in mind of running a small scale business that will yield a very good interest to help some poor people like me. I will be happy if you can help. Thanks!

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hi Monsam,
      Please apply for relevant opportunity and secure fund for your project.
      Good Luck!

      • Hello,we are a youth group from Kenya,how can we go about this?


        • Gamala Luitel says:

          This is all explained in this series of article Kelvin. Go through it and proceed with your project application.
          Good Luck!

  14. Rahmat Karim Baig says:

    My organization intends to apply for GEF’s environmental Fund program
    it is a community based society, can we apply?


    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hi Rahmat, if you go through the series of articles, you questions will automatically be answered.
      We wish you good luck!