Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education: US$75,000 to Innovative projects Combating Poverty

Deadline: 12 December 2014

All Africa based organizations working in education (primary, secondary, tertiary education; non-formal and adult education) and combating poverty in an innovative, sustainable and effective way are invited to participate in Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education. Teach a Man to Fish is seeking for organizations or projects making great changes in their community. Entries can be made by a non-African NGO on behalf of their local partner/office (in Africa) in a condition that the prize money and conference travel bursaries are claimed by and used for the benefit of Africa-based organization.

Teach a Man to Fish partners with the Saville Foundation to award this prize.


  1. US$10,000 – Best entry award
  2. US$5,000 each – Two runner ups
  3. US$1,000 each – 55 best entries from each African country
  4. Top three award winners will be offered a sponsored trip to the international conference and peer-learning workshop of Teach a man to fish.
  5. Media publicity and enhanced sponsorship and donation opportunities are other benefits.

Eligibility Criteria

For more information, please visit The Saville Foundation Pan-African Awards.


  1. iyke ofodile says:

    I want to apply and need the details to get started.

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hi Iyke,
      Please visit the link on the line ‘For more information…’ and proceed.
      Good Luck!

  2. JAPHET PAUL says:

    Please may get detail how to get grants for NGOs.
    Japhet Paul
    Coordinator of people with disabilities in Ukerewe Mwanza, Tanzania.

  3. Hello!
    I am working with an organisation that is interested in the funds you are offering since we are also working in education, health and development. I would like to know the conditions of becoming a premium member so that i can get access to application forms and inquiring email.
    thank you!

  4. Saa Fillie says:

    Thanks once again, Can you please send me the link to apply

  5. Andrew mogbolu says:

    Thanks for the service. Please send me the link to apply for it.

    • Rashmi Kanti says:

      Hello Andrew!
      You can apply for it visiting the link mentioned in the line “For more information…..”
      All the Best!

  6. Andrew mogbolu says:

    I am interested. Please let me know how to apply.

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Andrew,
      Please click on the link provided on the line ‘For more information…’ and proceed.
      Good Luck!

  7. Eaton Mapedze says:

    Please let me know how are we going to apply for it? We are a Zimbabwe locally found organisation which needs to raise funds but fund raising is really a challenge. we cater for preschool education to orphans, vulnerable children and other children. these operations also require some funds to cater for the day to day running of the organisation.
    if you have got an idea of other organisations which can help please let us know.

  8. just -to say thanks for your services. i need donors

  9. Gideon Machage says:

    Kashog-Karagwe Youth Development Association (KAKAYODA) targets out of school youth to alleviate poverty amongst them at Kagera Region in Tanzania.

    Please can I get details on how to enter in Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education: US$75,000 to Innovative projects Combating Poverty in order to help our Youths students especially Orphans Girls, because we need to teach Tailoring, knitting and computer course for our students.
    Hoping to hear from you.

    Thanks in advance.

    Gideon Machage
    Executive Director-KAKAYODA

  10. we love this initiative to help a man how to fish not give them fish. for us we have come up with a project called 50+ that supports 50 years old women how to practice health living as they also come together and forms group ,we train them on skill training and how they can market their products to support them from vulnerability and also be able to earn and keep them self busy.we would like to get a sponsor to support us in making this dream come true for our aged parents.

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Mary,
      Visit the link on the line ‘For more information…’ and proceed with application if your organization is eligible.
      Good Luck!