Grantmaking Foundations that fund Women and Gender Issues around the world

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This Guide provides relevant information about 14 most important funds for women organisations and/or for projects seeking to improve gender equality. It is important to consider that all the development agencies and governmental funding schemes are now designing their campaigns, and budgeting their resources, in relation to the global effort to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Crucially, the third of the Millennium Goals set by the United Nations in 2000 specifically demanded the achievement of gender equality. Although gender equality is certainly an objective per se, it is also understood as a viable strategy to achieve the remaining Goals. To empower women means to enable countries to improve their social, economic, and political life. For instance, better education for women means improving the country’s economic growth and contributing to poverty reduction. Specifically, the third Millennium Goal has five sub-goals:

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  1. To improve women’s education. This will improve women’s economic independence and it will also facilitate women’s participation in social and political life.
  2. To overcome barriers to schooling for girls, especially access to primary schools.
  3. To promote mechanisms that give women a voice in politics and government institutions. This has the potential to strengthen democracy.
  4. To enact and implement equal economic rights for all; equal pay for equal work, free choice of profession and employment, work benefits, and laws against sexual harassment.
  5. To generate more information about the situation of women to draft effective policies on wages, informal employment, unpaid work, and other relevant issues.

The grantmaking foundations discussed in this Guide are:


  1. Avatar ARPAN KUMAR says

    Although Bihar government is doing very best efforts to make a change in women scenario in the society, but the prima facia problem is that the system is not doing it whole heartedly. Corruption in even the fodders of Animals proves it. Every one knows the fact that SHARING culture has penetrated very deeply into the government network of bihar. But after knowing all such facts many funding agency prefer work with them, this is also a big question mark over there working attitude.
    Various NGOs are doing very good in the field of Rural development but no one is there to help them because the government has itself opened its NGO named BIHAR EDUCATION PROJECT COUNCIL, STATE HEALTH SOCIETY, DISTRICT RURAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, DISTRICT WATER AND SANITATION COMMITTEE< DISTRICT HEALTH SOCIETY, JEEVIKA and many more. Appointed IAS officers as the office bearers. Obviously such profiles becomes more effective to foreign funding agency. It means the government wants that all the financial siources- either of Central Government or Non Goernment fundds- all must pass through the government machinary so that there sharer may remain safe.
    So, i would like to say that all Non gevernment funds must be transferred to grass root NGO directly. All the enquiries and cross checks should be done very strictly and transparently, but funds flow should be toi grass root NGO. This will help in improving the work quality also.

  2. Avatar James Mwangi says

    Am James Mwangi and work with an NGO in Central Kenya known as Victory Foundation. One of our programs in Women Empowerment through which we how Vocational training on Income Generating activities (Tailoring,Catering and Horticulture among others), Saving Schemes, Gender based violence Advocacy, Hiv/Aids, Environmental conservation and proper parenting among others. If proper capacitation is done the a great potential in women would be realized. More financial assistance would be appreciated.

  3. Women Environmental Conservation Project WECOP karamoja is women organization working in the two sub-counties of the tepeth in moroto district uganda with the rural indegenous women in livelyhoods,environmental conservation,peace,HIV/AIDS, gender based violence,human rights and income generating activities.
    your financial support to this organization can be of great help to karamoja
    margaret iriama

  4. Hello,

    I’m the director of NGO: YOUTH AND WOMEN DEV INITIATIVE. We work for social development and sustainable development of youth and women in the community . our field of activities is : Entrepreneurship dev, leadership dev, savings scheme, vulnerable women, girls and children, poverty, education, health. We are currently based in Uganda ( Africa).

    Your financial support will be better for us to stand up for the post 2015 sustainable development program. Thank you

    Yours sincerely


  5. Avatar SOSSOUGA DOSSE says


    I’m the President of NGO: ADET. We work for social development and sustainable development. our field of activities is : disable persons, older persons, migrants, indigenous peoples, youth, vulnerable women, girls and children, poverty, agriculture, climate change, energy, education, health, biodiversity, biotechnology, majour groups.. We are international and based in Togo ( Africa).

    Your financial support will be better for us to stand up for the post 2015 sustainable development program. Thank you

    Yours sincerely


  6. Our organization Precious Tears Initiative,is working with adolescent girls in the rural area.where challenges to Education ranges from lack of sanitary towels to sexual harassment and lack of information on reproductive health , sexuality and how to handle themselves during menstruation periods.Lack of income for basic needs has led lot of girls to sex for money ,some of whom are sexuality exploited by very close relatives in the process of getting assisted.

  7. Avatar Bidong Bonish says

    yes we are in need of senting proprosal for support children and wemen in remote area, help now we have project plan from my county

  8. Avatar jennes lekimain mercy says

    resources in the hands of women are resources in the hands of the whole community because it will trical down to every member of the society, and benefit all, so put resources to their hands and see the real impact

  9. Avatar Audrey Sanya says

    This is interesting! I fully agree that when women are empowered, then th whole society is. I recently started a CBO in my village to empower women and young adults (girls) by assembling our knowledge for a safer tomorrow. This was to help curb past recurring mistakes due to either traditions or ignorance. We already have a small ECD for th very young. Currently we are outsoarcing for any donations from well wishers to sustain our projects.
    Reactions are highly welcomed.

  10. Avatar Liberin Foundation for Empowerment & Sustainable Development(LFESD) says

    We are involved in empowering women and girls through the development of education,agriculture and vocational training initiatives so that they can overcome the most basic barriers that prevent them and hamper their efforts to reach and enjoy their full human potential to improves their lives and contribute to their families and communities,thus bringing about transformation and development that would be sustainable.

  11. Avatar MARGARET JUMA says

    Women empowerment can be sustained through encouragement of young girls attending class through advocacy , particulary vulnerable child in a society,this we have realised through our NGO of web site www, achieveable.

  12. Avatar Local Initiative for Community Empowerment (LICEM) says

    In my country, women are always exploited in almost every aspect, in the family upfront they pass through a lot economic stress, The existing cultural and social system does not encourage the women to be economically reliant for instance while the women spend most of their life time running all the back breaking house chores that never ends, the men are empowered to be economically independent just like In family settings, every income generating assets are usually apportioned to the men only, Maybe this explains the reason for current trend in the eastern part of my country where i reside where young women give up their babies immediately after birth in exchange for money in “baby making factories” called maternity homes. This unfortunate situation on women is also evident and promoted in some of my national policies where lawmakers allow men to marry under-aged girls which makes them less empowered and automatically dependent on the men all through their lifetime. Without doubt, this impacts negatively on their children
    This is why our organization has in its own little way been building the capacity of young women in the area of health, social and economic empowerment which is key to effective nation building.To this regard, we will be glad to receive funding to help us provide a sustainable economic empowerment to the less privileged women in our society.


  13. Avatar BASEMERA PEACE says

    Empowering women is empowering a nation. Women and child are like pillars of the house, so if left behind, its leaving behind sustainable development of a nation.

  14. Avatar community development and children of hope ministries says

    Funds for women are improving the livelihoods of most vulnerable in most africancountries

    • Avatar umeed organization says

      dear sir/madam i m president of umeed organization who already working in rural areas of n.w.f.p province pakistan organization was regesterd in 2008 in n.w.f.p but i give many purposal in diffrent donners ngos but did nnot positivly answer we r running now women and boys vocational /computer traing centers in district abbottabad and mansehra ,batgaram but no any vocational and computer training center for poors women and boys our umeed organization want to run their project but problems of lake of funds please if you can guid us and help us i prepaird and make proposal for vocational training centers and boys computer and diffrent skills centers i will wait for your good response
      thanks sajjad mughal president of umeed organization pakistan

  15. Avatar stephen M. Ndeule says

    Empowering women for sustainable development and children programs are essential to build a great generation

  16. Avatar Prime Welfare Foundation says

    Education and Health are main issues for women in rural areas while poverty comes on second number. We can help people to overcome these issues if local NGOs are sponsored in this regard.

  17. Avatar Abual Hossain says


    We works to reduce sufferings of the poor and vulnerable people living in the 600 km. stretched coastal zone of Bangladesh. Now I am designed a study proposal on gender and poverty relation and would like to raise fund to meet up the essential costs.
    In this regard I need to know your budget limit and application procedure.
    Thanking you .

  18. Avatar SIGAREM Foundation-Pondicherry says

    In rural area women are highly exploited and not recognized their life time contribution to family, village, society and nation development in India. Moreover 85% of agriculture operation are doing by the women only but the marketing and encasement is only done by men but all income generating assets are in the name of men only. See how best men are exploitation women. my view is poor women have voice, rich family women also have voice but in between two category are voice less and more vulnerable. Need to organised at both men & women hamlet level, sensitize them, bring changes in their attitude, then economic control next, women education rest will fall in line automatically.

  19. Avatar "save the youths foundation" says

    I agree whole heartedly. no one can fight with out strength. empowering women economically will take the case a long way. also sensitizing women on nutrietion will equally be improving their health. we also need to encourage women to report cases of violations of their civic human rights and marginalization.

  20. Avatar Rural Development Organisation says

    Million of rural women are affected due to low income, gender discrimination, domestic violence, malnutrition, denial of education on par with sons, child marriage etc. Education to girls is the only solution.

    • Avatar sie kwasi owusu williams says

      an important inroad intthis reseach is the link between poverty , gender, agriculture and hiv/aids. Reseach conducted in other contries have shown that the seector could suffer loss of potential able-bodied adult labour, loss of labour quality, diverted time from agriculture activities to care giving and/or attending funerals and decrease financial capitato hire casual labour when needed. In these instances women farmers suffer disoroportionately.