Download the “Employee Manual”: Sample Policies for Managing Staff in NGOs

As NGOs employ staff, they are required to maintain administrative policies for their management. Such policies not only contribute towards effective governance but also open up opportunities of support from different funding organizations. However, organizations in developing countries fail to keep such policies either because they think they are not useful or they lack the proper information to develop them.

These policies can be known by different names like “HR Policy,” “Personnel Policy” or “Employee Manual.” Nevertheless, they play an important role in giving a proper structure to your organization. They also help in resolving disputes, claims and other problematic issues that keep arising among the staff.

If you are looking for a sample of such policies which you can apply to your organization, here is one. The Employee Manual taken from an organization in Zambia outlines various elements of employee management.

The manual not only gives an overview of employment terms and conditions, but it also gives a proper classification of different levels of staffing. Additionally, there is information about performance evaluations which can help you assess the progress made by an individual staff and how his or her skills can be utilized for achieving the goal and objectives of the organization.

The manual also covers information about allowances, leave & holidays, termination notices, workplace conduct, disciplinary action, grievance procedure etc.

This manual can be downloaded from this link.


  1. Afraid Uganda says:

    I think i need this for my junior staff who are school drop outs.

  2. Kumar Vivek Shahi says:

    Thanks, fruitful and informative booklet. kindly share social accountabily and iso certification process for ngos.

  3. thanks

  4. Usman Buhari (Nigeria) says:


    Thanks for the manual, it has really assisted our organization by replacing the existing bulky one we use. This one is very simple and straight forward.

    Keep the good work going