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How to write a Case Study – A Guide for NGOs

As an NGO, you have often come across the need to write a case study. This could be either for the purpose of documenting a report, doing a research, developing a proposal or simply because you have come across an interesting incident relating to your work and you would like to capture it in words for sharing it with others.

Although a case study can be about anything or it could be written in different styles, NGOs often look for a proper format to present a story. Here we are providing a quick guide where NGOs can easily understand why is necessary to write a case study, when can a case study be written and more importantly, how to write a case study.

1. What is a Case Study?
Learn the basic definition of the case study and understand its meaning and relevance with examples…[more]

2. Why is it important to write a Case Study?
The usefulness of writing a case study…why is it important for NGOs to write a case study and how can case studies help in raising funds and building support for the NGOs…[more]

3. How to write the Case Study?
Get to know the methodology for writing a standard case…[more]

4. The Template for the Case Study
A format that can be used by NGOs while writing down the case study…[more]

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