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AGFUND for “Food Security for the Poor”: NGOs, INGOs, Government and Individuals invited to apply

Nominations are now open for the Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND) International Prize for Pioneering Human Development Projects 2012. The Prize supports the distinguished efforts aiming at promoting the concepts of human development; highlight the best practices in development, which aim to improve the living conditions of the poor and the disadvantaged with particular emphasis on women and children; enhance the exchange dissemination of the successful development experiences; and develop better mechanisms to solve the problems of poverty and marginalization of vulnerable groups.

The 2012 Prize invites nominations in the subject area of “food security” and NGOs, INGOs, regional organizations, ministries, public agencies, universities, research centers and the UN can apply. The Programme has allocated over $500,000 spread over four categories or the Prize.

  • First category: The role of international organizations in supporting the developing countries’ national policies and programs for a sustainable food security (For projects implemented by UN, international or regional organizations).
  • Second category: NGOs-led efforts to developing the skills and capabilities of the poor for food security in the poor communities, (For projects implemented by national NGOs).
  • Third category: Governmental efforts in adoption of pioneering programs, polices and best practices to achieve food security for the poor, (For projects by government ministries and public institutions).
  • Fourth category: Individual-led efforts to integrate the poor and poor households in food security activities, (For projects initiated, sponsored and/or implemented by individuals).

The eligible nominations are evaluated by qualified development experts specialized in the Prize subject, while the selection of winners is undertaken by the Prize Committee, after sufficient discussion of the evaluation results and reports.

The deadline to submit nominations is 31 May 2012. For more information, visit this link.


  1. Justine says:

    We are a local NGO running a farm school for older persons training in sustainable agriculture and mitigation of effects on climate change on older persons. our holistic programme is care for care givers.we are interested in the project please give us more information.

  2. OYEGUE OSAZEE says:

    4th May, 2012
    The grants officer,
    REF: Concept Note.
    Dear, Sir/Madam.
    We came across your profile while searching for a grantor that will help us realize our goals,
    and we found your profile to be very interesting. We are pleased to present to you a concept note
    for your review.
    Project Title: Building a Strong Micro Business Enterprise for 4000 Women in Akamkpa,
    Awi, and Obutong Communities in cross River State.
    Background: Standard Life Organization (SLO) is a non governmental organization
    (NGO), non profit sharing organization base in AWI Akamkpa local government area of
    Cross River State. The organization is seeking a grant to expand its empowerment and
    poverty control programme in the rural communities. The objective is to help the
    poor/poorest women in these rural communities who are neither receiving support nor any
    form of empowerment support programme from the government, to break out from the grip
    of poverty and to meet up with the present day demand.
    The empowerment program is base on the latest research on effective poverty
    eradication. Funding in amount of N1,900,000 one million nine hundred thousand naira only
    requested for staff training, and materials for skills acquisition program as well as supportive
    micro credits for those that passed out from the skills acquisition center and profitable micro
    enterprises workshop to enable them establish profitable microenterprise that would improve
    their standard of living.
    Objective: Standard life organization seeks to empower the poor to break out of the grip of
    poverty. Specifically, SLO seeks to:
    Enhance income-generating capacity of the poor women through access to flexible
    micro credit services
    Promote self-employment within the target group
    Inculcate into the poor women profitable micro business enterprise skills

    Create alternative livelihood for poor rural women through access to skills acquisition
    Problem Descriptions: According to the research carried out by staff of SLO In
    Akamkpa, Awi, old Neltim, oyaga Obuntum communities, it was discovered that:
    1. Women have to struggle hard to feed themselves and children. Reason is that, they
    depend upon unprofitable micro enterprises.
    2. 65% of the women leave less than N200 per day because they lack sustainable
    sources of income,
    3. 60% of them leave in one room apartment with their grown up children.
    4. Majority of them are unable to send their children to school, because they lack basic
    life sustainable skills. More also the poor women in these communities are too
    disadvantaged to benefit from existing credit scheme operated by government and
    formal financial institutions. They are totally neglected.
    The challenge at this stage is to seize the opportunity, to take the risk, to realize an
    innovative, rewarding and productive future and alternative livelihood for the women and if
    these women are not given urgent assistance, they are more likely to be evaded.
    Beneficiaries: our target is the poor, neglected women in the villages/rural communities in
    south-south geo political zone of Nigeria. A total of 305 women at Akamkpa, Awi, and Old
    Neltin community in Cross River State has benefited from the project. They were trained and
    introduce to different profitable micro business enterprises at wish a micro loan of N20, 000
    was given to 205 of the trained women to establish a profitable micro enterprises. May while,
    a total of 159 are currently going through training why hundred already trained of them are
    awaiting disbursement.
    Project activities:
    The following activities are being carried out during implementation period.
    Activity. 1. Standard life organization, members supporting officers (mso) is to create
    awareness using person to person method. The field staffs meets the women in their various
    homes and organize them into self help groups or unions with a minimum of 10, maximum of
    30 member per group, and member supporting officer meet with different group once in a
    week to train them on profitable microenterprises as well as identifying those that need
    financial support.
    Activity. 2. The organization design a participation form as refined targeted tools with five
    keys- indicators to determine the poor/poorest in the communities. Our targets are poor
    persons who belong to bottom 30%. With the use of this indicator, it has been discover that
    there is a high prevalence of poverty amongst the women in the rural dueler.
    These key indicators include:
    · Steadiness of household income. The more unsteady the brighter the chances of
    enrolling as a member of SLO group
    · Regularity of daily feeding of household
    · Condition and space of dwelling place the worse, the better chance of becoming a
    · Frequency of cooking special foods in house hold
    · Sleeping arrangement in house hold.
    The participation form with the above 5 key indicators is specifically design by the organization
    as part of its activities to serves as a questionnaire that is administer by the staff to
    determine those women that are really poor as well as the poorest which is the organizations
    may focus. With the use of the participation form, we discovered at AWI Community, old
    Netim community, Akamkpa community in Cross river state that over 70% household feed
    twice in two days, special food are only eaten twice a year (Christmas and new year ceremony),
    more also, majority of the family sleep in one room apartment as a result of poverty.
    Expected Outcome:
     Enhance income-generating capacity
     Awareness creation, poverty mentality change
     Promote self-employment within the target group
     Easy access to affordable micro credit
     Promote group discussion amongst target group, increase in socialization
     Acquired new profitable micro businesses skills
     Establishment of profitable micro business enterprises.
    Sir, we trust that this concept note is completely in line with Embassy of France priorities and
    follows your agency’s policy on Social Development fund, to benefit the poor women in the
    rural communities of Cross River State. We will look forward to hearing your reactions to this
    concept note and we invite you to visit us when you come to Cross River State.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Oyegue Victor Osazee,
    Standard life Organization.

  3. umakanta das says:

    Kindly send us the details forms and formalities on Grant Application form on food security for the poor.
    Secy.Students Welfare Institute

  4. Ali Eltahir says:

    Dear all,
    Kindly note that the deadline for AGFUND Prize is 31 May 2012.
    To get the Nomination form please visit AGFUND Prize site:
    or contact me on or

    Best regards
    Ali Eltahir Elabbas
    Specialist, AGFUND International Prize
     18371, Riyadh 11415, KSA
     +966 1 4418888 (251)
     +966 1 4412962-3

  5. ssekandi says:

    we are the Nakasero youth for development .we have land to plant food but we lack finance for seeds and maintaining the agricult.we have idea of plant quick food to help our brothers and sister around the world .so can any one please help us to direct us where we can get funds to start up our project pliz.

  6. SANTHI.G says:

    We have also conducted many other programmes for SC/ST students and we have also conducted health camps wherein we’d promoted the importance of sanitation and early pregnany programmes, HIV, malaria, etc.

    We would like to know whether there is any programme wherein we will be spornsored to sustain the programmes we have conducted.

    Though,we already taken up certain Government educational programmes and we are successfully running and helping the society
    such NRSTCs, RSTCs, worksites

  7. SANTHI.G says:

    Hello, Im a volunteer working for an NGO. It is department of Pharmaceutical services. It supports advised by the infected diseases and safe medication practices. Besides these, we also come up with services for developing rural sector such as – Income Generation Programme, Woman economic programme, Family Health and development Programme and Empower the weak.

  8. OTIM GEORGE says:

    We are young youth with registered NGO that deals with promoting and empowering communities with knowledge and skills on food security we are seeking for funds to help as carry implement the activities planned we shall be grateful if you take our request in to consideration.

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