CIVICUS Funding to Conduct Local Dialogues for NGOs

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Deadline: 15 October 2013

CIVICUS, the World Alliance for Citizen Participation – an international alliance of members and partners which constitutes an influential network of organisations at the local, national, regional and international levels, and spans the spectrum of civil society – has announced a call for expressions of interest to convene partners  to conduct locally initiated multistakeholder dialogues in the framework of the New Social Contract project.

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CIVICUS believes that many of the problems and challenges faced by societies around the world can be addressed through improved dialogue, exchange and co-construction amongst all actors. For this purpose, it has launched the action-based research project called, the New Social Contract.

The New Social Contract project seeks to:

  • stimulate the co-creation of new frameworks to reshape roles and responsibilities of public, private and civic sectors in a more aware and intentional way;
  • share new patterns of civic engagement addressing common challenges that could ultimately pave the way to new social contracts.

CIVICUS is looking for potential partners to organise and oversee the conduction of locally initiated multi-stakeholders’ dialogues, following the methodological approach proposed by the New Social Contract project. More specifically, we are looking for:

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  • A relevant challenge (social, economic, environmental) existing in a given  community, that – if properly tackled by a group of diverse stakeholders joining hands and bringing their added value to the table – could lead to a systemic change;
  • A convening partner (or a small group of co-convenors) that is directly affected by this challenge, is able to articulate the potential impact of an inclusive dialogue and identify and engage relevant stakeholders.

CIVICUS is  looking for civil society actors (NGOs, CBOs, CSOs, umbrella organisations and other  relevant entities) across the world to get involved in this project. All ideas are welcome but CIVICUS is particularly interested in:

  • gender issues,
  • youth concerns,
  • environmental challenges,
  • concerns of marginalized communities, persons with disabilities and indigenous groups,
  • inter-faith dialogue,
  • community-driven projects,
  • community development projects, and
  • innovative local governance.

Each partner will receive a financial contribution of 4000 USD, which will support the costs for the dialogues’ preparatory activities, organisation, facilitation and documentation, as well as the reporting and conduction of interviews with involved stakeholders. The payment will be done in two instalments – 80% upon signing of a Partnerships Agreement and 20% upon submission of the technical and financial reports due.

Each interested applicant shall submit a written expression of interest by the 15th of  October by filling out an online form. For more information, visit this link.

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  1. Avatar Shailendra Pokharel says

    I on behalf of Conservation Development Foundation (CODEFUND) is interested to join this initiative in any of themes like environmental challenges,community development projects and innovative local governance. Is Nepal is eligible country to be included as member for social contract projects. CODEFUND is an NGO which has been established by collective inputs of 101 founders in 2011, and looking for assistance to demonstrate conservation developments impacts both at national and grass root level. Any assistance for us will be very instrumental at this stage.

    Looking forward to hear the response.

    thank you and with warm regards.

  2. Avatar Gitanjali Kumar says

    Did anyone get a confirmation email after submitting the EoI?

  3. Avatar DUNIA COLOMBA says


    I’m dunia from the REPUBLIC DEMOCRATC FO CONGO , I work as a coornator in a local non gouvermenatl organisatiion , we have been very nterresetd with ths project of CIVICUS , unfortely we have some difficults to present all our project in english this is why we decide to send to you our file in french , you know our official language is franch ,

    in ths language we are good to present our idea

  4. Hi,
    I have filled the form for dialogue holding application completely but there are requests us to fill onto column. The deadline is today and I am quite nervous. Please help.

  5. Avatar Dagira David says

    Thanks for the initiative. As a District Village Budgetary Clubs [ VBCs ] in Kibuku district of eastern part of Uganda, which organizations carry out community awareness and monitoring of all community programs,I request that we become part and partial of the drive for equitable sustainable development.
    We shall be very grateful for your legal advise.

  6. Avatar Mrs ESther Davies says

    Royal Impact Health Care Society (ROYAL) is an intervention agency established in April 2010 as Nigerian catalyst of human and state development. ROYAL is a registered charitable, voluntary, non-governmental and not for-profit making Organization with primary aim of promoting good health, peaceful coexistent and sustainable development.
    In line with our objectives we want to partner with CIVICUS to organize and oversee the conduction of locally initiated multi-stakeholders’ dialogues, following the methodological approach proposed by the new Social Contract project. Our focus is on Child labour which is significant social problem in Nigeria.
    Child labour is a global problem that needs a response from all sides. This means measures to help reduce poverty, improve education, enforce laws, improve employment prospects for adults and ensure there are no benefits in employing children under working age.
    Our belief is that with the right policy choices and technical cooperation and donor support where necessary, child labour can be tackled. This is reason why we want to partner with you to conduct locally initiated multi-stakeholder dialogues in the framework of the New Social Contract project in order to provide solution to this social problem in kebbi state.
    We therefore, write to inform you of our interest and desire to achieve result in partnership with CIVICUS.

  7. Avatar Elias Muindi says

    Margaret Wanzuu foundation works with men and boys to end gender based violence and would like to organize dialogues with men and boys in organised structures like university students,youth leaders and also document stories of change which can be used in advocacy,training and sensitization workshops

    • Avatar Jillo Kasse says

      Imarisha Rights Center would like to partner with you in creating a network in Tana River County of Civil Society Organizations to ensure citizens participation in governance and holding County governments accountable.

  8. Avatar Efuk Barsabas Gallas, says

    I am always delighted with the indebt postings and programs of

    It will be interesting to be included in this process of funding by CIVICUS Group. I am a founder of Societal Response for Change’ (SRC), a CBO founded in 2009 that operates in South Sudan.

    It help to strengthen the capacity building of the people of South Sudan at garssroot; especially in areas of peace building and conflict resolution (making dialogue with hearders or cattle raiders, worrying groups in Eastern Equatoria State), help teach the people about the customary laws, human rights, girl-child education program and good Agricultural practices.

    It will be a great success to be part of you so that we shall realize our objective.

  9. Avatar Mukhuta Muhiana John says

    The main purpose of world peace foundation (WPF) is that of restoring peace in the community through education. Hence our mission statement: “peace – love – unity.”

    * We henceforth target at achieving the following objectives:
    1. To inculcate a strong culture of peace that is based on none – violence and justice into our children, adolescents and adults.
    2. To equip our community members with proper skills on how to resolve conflicts in peaceful ways.
    3. to empower them with skills to help them intervene in conflicts ‘cases’, which may arise among individuals, families, companies, etc.
    4. To unite children with hope to provide them with strong policies of good ways to maintain peace among them – with expectations to see them extend such manners in the whole community.
    5. To build more schools in the community.
    6. To establish colleges / universities able to produce a well equipped personnel able to resolve peacefully conflicts within our society.
    7. To further make possible the celebration of the world peace day every year that falls on 21/ September to promote the United Nations missions.

  10. Avatar Odreck Kaphale Kathamalo says

    Thank you for the up dates. National Elections Systems Trust (NEST) is a non governmental organization in Malawi which work in the field of elections to make sure that there is an environment of free fair transparent elections in Malawi. It is a human rights defending organization so it is also involved in the promotion of women in politics, leadership and decision making. As project officer I am happy to share ideas with the rest of the world.

  11. key project priority, how many person from the organization is to attend the forum and guide us to succeed

  12. Avatar CHE CHRISTIAN SOFA says

    Faith and Hope Self Reliance is base in Cameroon, Newly created with no funding for now. We are register,and really need for your funding this year.

  13. Avatar Latim Matenje says

    On behalf of Initiative for Inclusive Development (IINCLUDE), I would like to express appreciation for this offer and, indeed, demonstrate our interest in indulging in the New Social Contract partnership. The IINCLUDE strives to maximize socio-economic productivity of Malawians by exposing the skills and talents of persons with disabilities in order to foster even activism and meaningful participation. I will be expanding on this basis in our application.
    Thank you.

  14. Avatar Athian Aduol says

    Thanks for significant update. Is there any form to be filled before deadline? and how shall we get that form now? we are much interesting to be partner with you.
    Regard Athian Aduol

  15. Avatar Anthony Max Blake says

    This is a welcoming information. Our organization, Alliance for Social Justice and Development (ALSOJUD), is a civil society organization that was established to address key issues related to governance, gender, promotion and empowerment of youths especially the disadvantaged. Currently, we are a implementing a project on Economic Literacy and Budget Accountability in Governance. we are very much interested in creating a partnership with you.
    Kind regards.

  16. Avatar Arshad khan says

    Thanks to all for human development efforts ,our organization named FALAHI TARQIYATI COUNCIL (ftc) are engaged from 1998 in community development in ( swat ) in pakistan .we are implementing community awareness projects along with socail protection even a fight against GBV & human rights . As well as security concerns we need more fund/ projects from abroad to sustain our organization in community . Your coopration & collaboration may enhance our life even our existance in the world .

  17. Avatar Knarik Khachatryan says

    “Yerkink” Social-Legal Support Center NGO (Sky NGO) was established in April, 1999. It is aimed to protect women and children’s rights and interests /homeless, in difficult situation/, to present their and their parents or tutors interests and rights to legal and executive authorities, to promote legal, psychological, medical support to children and their families.
    The organization was actively involved in children and women rights protection activities and activities which support children living in difficult social-economic conditions. The organization has implemented projects and advocacy activities with the purpose of raising public awareness on children’s rights. Many advocacy activities were held through publications, exhibitions, round tables, summer camps and video materials. These activities were implemented with active participation of local authorities and also different local and international NGOs.

  18. Avatar ana eva g. villanueva says

    Our NGO ..People’s Economic Foundation ,INC. Philippines, working community -based
    youth development , environment, gender for social accountability, transparency , good governance.
    The organization is a non-profit organization .
    Willng to sign for partnership agreement .


  19. My organization is CE Farm Venture. Am into breeding and supply of African Catfish,Milling of feeds. Is a small buisness enterprise that is ready to reduce the level of unemployment by creating jobs for the youth when the buisnes is enlalarge by funding.I want to make a change tro fish farming.

  20. Avatar McLeod Gwirima says

    We are very interested in this initiative and this is a relevant approach to improving peoples lives in our communities and today’s world.

    Thank you

  21. Avatar moses nduguti wanja says

    would like to participate in this very interesting

    • Avatar Dorothée Guénéheux says


      Many thanks to all of you for your interest in our programme and call for expressions of interest.

      If you want any questions or need more details, please do contact us at convening [at]

      Only online applications will be considered. Please visit our website to submit your application before 15 October.

      Thank you!

  22. Avatar Neatness Msemo says

    this is a great opportunity.We as an NGO we will appreciate to partner with your organization.Please show us where to fill out online form.Thanks

  23. Avatar Majaliwa Mbogella says

    The Children Care Development Organization (CCDO) in Tanzania project will work to change societal attitudes and behavior through education and counseling of perpetrators and potential perpetrators. The project will develop capacities of local authorities and relevant laws, monitor the implementation of these laws, raising awareness on vulnerable groups in the communities, and build legal and good governance skills of community-based core groups to advocate with public authorities for more effective interventions in cases of domestic violence and women participation in good governance. In addition to working to prevent violence, the project will also help survivors of violence come to terms with their experiences, seek justice and reintegrate themselves into society through expanded legal and social services. However, request you to fund this project for the promotion of GBV training workshops to our local government leaders and other potential allies htpp://

  24. Avatar secretary,PSS,ODISHA,INDIA says

    i am interested to work with u about Environment awareness and other project .please suport me.

  25. Avatar Athian Aduol says

    Our CBO is called lowland organization for relief and development (LORD)it is none profitable CBO base in South Sudan the youngest nation in Africa. we are doing the following activities: Education, Protection, HIV/AIDs awareness, street kids reformatory program, food security, peace building and good governance, youth and sport program. Hence we are interesting to be a partner with you through new social contract which can be crucial to us in the above mentioned program. our CBO is mostly focus on the lowland side which is not accessible at this juncture due to flood in the areas and we need your maximum co-operation to let us be co-operative partner as we are coming from grass root level
    thanks in advance.

  26. Avatar Women & Adolescent Girls Empowerment Program (WAGEP) says

    We are a women group in Liberia wanting to partner with you.
    Please guide us to the process.

    Thank you,

  27. Avatar Margaret Katono says

    Would you consider an organization that could cluster several countries to join this partnership?

    Thank you

  28. Avatar rosemary atieno says

    glad to hear from you this a great opportunity for civil society to dialogue and break barriers .we are interested in this opportunity because dialogue has worked for us in our community

  29. Avatar Erick Omondi says

    Dear sir/madam

    In refference to your call for the interested participants, I would wish to let you know of my interest and would request for the guidance or the New Social Contract’s contact since it is the entry point to the CIVICUS.
    I am very much interested and would be proud to share the challenges we have faced with our group.
    Thanking you in advance as I wait to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Omondi Erick

  30. Avatar WILLIAM ACHOL says

    The project name gives hope and inspiration to an organization like CORRUPTION BRAKES (COBRA) CRUSADE to look forward to participation if found relevant.The social contract might be the only way by which communities could unburden themselves of the ills they face and suffer in this world.

  31. Avatar Eric Nyongesa says

    This is a great initiative and congratulations for this wonderful opportunity that shall transform peoples lives for the better.

  32. Avatar Mrs.Heidy Paye says

    HI,i ‘am from the women of change Liberia. and which to be a applicant for your project. we are involved with women’s rights and Gender equality in Liberia.

  33. Avatar Fr. Bartolome Cometa Sagadal, MDM says

    We are interested to partner with you thru the Community Empowerment-Human-Ecological Sustainable (COME-HESUS) Development Institute as a convening partner in Visayas Regions, i.e., Region 6, 7 and 8. The founder of COME-HESUS Development Institute is an advocate of holistic development thru Community Empowerment. He has been in development work since 1975 to the present. He has graduated at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Master in Development Management and pursue his Doctor in Public Administration as a candidate. He had conceptualized the COME-HESUS Development paradigm as a challenge to the 21 century. Its concept is that, Man is multi-dimensional, with RESPECT (Religio-spiritual, Ecological. Social, Political, Economic, Cultural and Technological) Dimensions and Man is integral, Total and holistic, i.e., there is no true sustainable development without the RESPECT dimensions. and that HESUS Development will only be achieved thru Community Empowerment for it to have that sense of ownership of all the endeavors to be conducted in the community in a participative manner, that is, thru the process of Strategic Planning using the SWOT (Strenght-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) environmental scanning/community diagnosis and Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives formulations – EDOMEC (Educating-Organizing-Mobilizing-Entrepreneurship-Community Infrastructure Development Projects)- PIME (Planning-Implementing-Monitoring-Evaluating) Development Management.

    General Objective: To convene the Alliances and Federations, of NGOs, PO’s, Inter-Faith Social Actions, Foundations and Civil Societies in the Visayan Regions.

    Specific Objectives:
    1. To conduct a Strategic Plannings in each Region of 6, 7, and 8 and formulate its Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives.

    2. To encourage the participating Alliances and Federations, of NGOs, PO’s, Inter-Faith Social Actions, Foundations and Civil Societies to package a Holistic Sustainable Development Project Proposals that would respond to the needs of their areas of operations (AOO) maximizing the HESUS Development Paradigm.

    3. To Identify the KAS (knowledge, Attitude and skills) to equip the participants in its effective PIME.

    4. To conduct the inventory of the Alliances and Federations, of NGOs, PO’s, Inter-Faith Social Actions, Foundations and Civil Societies in the regions as partners for COME-HESUS Development Interventions accordiang to their own field of expertise.

    • Avatar Repent Woro says

      MAYA is very interested
      The Mundri Active Youth Association has been founded since 2004. Shortly afterwards they were supported by Oxfam GB, Action African Help and Institute for Promotion of Civil Society. The idea being that local organizations like MAYA, and amongst others women’s associations, would be able to recruit the local resources needed to bring the capacity building initiatives to the grass root level.
      With limited funds and an enthusiastic staff of volunteers a lot has been achieved. MAYA has been able to work with a number of partners in at least 15 projects.
      Common denominator in these projects was the effective way in which MAYA was able to bring the various messages regarding Child protection ,health and civic education to the level of the community.

      MAYA is a non-profit, non-political, civil society organization, and has been registered with the Ministry of Humanitarian affairs and Disaster management (RCC) in Juba, RoSS, in 2011.

      MAYA is committed to empower and strengthen the capacity of the community in Greater Mundri through dissemination of information in the field of socio-economic-, child protection ,civic- and health education through the use of creative arts, on a need-based intervention.

      MAYA’s Approach
      MAYA actively seeks partnerships with government, NGO’s, local community leaders to identify topics in the area of socio-economic-, Child protection, civic- and health education which need to be addressed at grass root level.
      All partners can act as initiators in this process.
      Through drama, puppetry performances, movies in combination with community meetings and focus group discussion, beneficial changes in attitudes can be initiated.

      MAYA’s employees work on voluntary basis.
      Other costs for travel, coordination and overhead will need to be covered through external funding.

      MAYA’s Values
      MAYA strives to be accountable, transparent, sensitive to community values and culture.

      MAYA’s Organization
      MAYA is an association governed by a Board committee, with around 40 paying members.
      out of these, +/- 10 members are active in managing and delivering the organisation’s activities:
      – Director
      – Program coordinator
      – Finance Manager
      – Finance Assistant
      – Information Officer
      – HR Officer
      – Project Officer
      – Drama Leader
      – Cleaning.

      Another 10 members are active as actor and peer educator and are active during the awareness projects MAYA delivers.
      Al these people work as volunteer, and if finances allow they will be paid an incentive.

      In addition +/- 10 members are active as actor and peer educator and participate during project deliverables like community meetings and performances.
      Al these people work as volunteer, and if finances allow they will be paid an incentive.

  34. Avatar kemigisha janet says

    hello, where do sign for the partnership agreement.